A tale of two Malcolms

A tale of two Malcolms, by David Leyonhjelm, Australian Senator.

Malcolm was a popular Prime Minister at the outset. He had an air of confidence and a convincing manner, plus a belief in his own abilities. And his first term followed a disastrous period of Labor Government that the voting public wasn’t quick to forget.

But Malcolm didn’t turn things around. Labor had gone on a spending spree, ratcheting up the size of government with grand, feel-good, centrally-planned schemes. When Malcolm secured the reins of Government, he did nothing to unwind this largesse. Instead, taxes and debt crept up.

In the end, Malcolm left the budget in a worse state than he found it. His prime ministership was a huge disappointment to those who believe in small government, lower taxes and less regulation.

The twist…

This is actually the story of Malcolm Fraser, but it could well become the story of Malcolm Turnbull if he doesn’t get his act together.

hat-tip Barry Corke