Concerns About Paul Ryan Emerging Out of Contested Convention

Concerns About Paul Ryan Emerging Out of Contested Convention, by Julia Hahn. If Cruz and Kasich succeed in denying Trump the 1,237 delegates he needs to win in the first round at the Republican Convention, it seems increasingly likely Paul Ryan will emerge as the Party’s candidate. However, Ryan’s selection would represent the donor class’s silencing of voters and voters’ views on immigration, trade, and foreign policy.

Paul Ryan and corporate media have sought to frame the GOP Civil War of voters versus donors and donor proxies (i.e. Fox News, Republican publications, and various corporate-owned radio networks) as a battle waged over something as frivolous as candidates’ “tone” rather than the substantive policy divisions between the electorate and the Party’s corporate funders.

The media is correct in that voters are currently facing an election between Trump and anti-Trump, but the media has failed to articulate the policies differences between them.

Ryan Republicanism consists of four core tenets, which are:

  1. Population Replacement. … Ryan is a long supporter of open borders, arguing that “America is more than just a country…  America is an idea.”
  2. Working Class Communities “Deserve To Die.” Throughout his career, Ryan has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to offshoring U.S. jobs in the name of maximizing corporate efficiencies, regardless of the economic devastation it has on American workers and communities. …
  3. Military Adventurism. Paul Ryan subscribes to the donor class orthodoxy on military adventurism. … Ryan Republicanism promotes policies that would start foreign wars in the Middle East and then would bring the refugees of those wars into the United States.
  4. Wealth Redistribution. … Income to be transferred out of the middle class and into the pockets of both wealthy business owners and poor migrants. This is accomplished through trade deals that shift wealth to the owners of capital and away from laborers, as well as immigration policies that eliminate workers’ ability to bargain for higher wages. …