British doctor alleges he doped 150 sportsmen

British doctor alleges he doped 150 sportsmen. Dr Mark Bonar has alleged that he prescribed banned performance-enhancing drugs to 150 sportsmen over the last six years, including an England cricketer, British Tour de France cyclists, a British boxing champion, tennis players and martial arts competitors as well as Premier League footballers. The performance improvements were “phenomenal.”

UPDATE: Dr Bonar said drugs were now a part of sport and claimed he had “never met a clean athlete.” He was found by undercover reporters.

In Silicon Valley in 1990 I shared a house with a chemist who ran a cutting-edge company to catch drug cheats. He reckoned that drugs were inevitable. There would always be performance-enhancement drugs just beyond the envelope of detection regimes, potent enough that those not using them would be at serious disadvantage. In the 25 years since, I’ve seen no reason to think him wrong.