Complete Story of Clinton’s Email Scandal

The media are omitting rather a lot of information concerning the lies and corruption by Hillary Clinton, in archetypal politically correct fashion. The PC position on the US election is pro-Clinton, strongly anti-Trump and anti-Cruz, and mildly anti-everyone-else (including Sanders). This video goes over the email scandal via video evidence and comment. It’s long but well presented.

(The video “does not exist” for some people. If so, go to YouTube:

Imagine if it was a Republican who had done and said these things. The mainstream media would be headlining it day after day, eagerly dripping out the details as they came to light.

It is arrogant of the PC élite and the media to allow Clinton to become the Democrat candidate. The best that could be said is that they live in an artificial information bubble and have overlooked the ramifications, but this isn’t really plausible given the prominent nature of the clips in the video above. For the sake of the rule of law and prevention of corruption in the USA, Sanders has to be to be the preferred Democrat candidate at this stage.

Note that this video only covers the email scandal. The other big recent scandal involving Clinton is that she sold US favors to foreign governments and individuals, in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation, while she was Secretary of State. Either scandal is more significant to the affairs of state than either what her husband was impeached for or Nixon resigned over.