Why Westerners Make Inviting Targets for Terrorists

Why Westerners Make Inviting Targets for Terrorists, by Victor Davis Hanson. Nowhere is most welcoming to Muslims than the West:

China has a long record of persecuting its Muslim minorities. Russia has brutally suppressed the separatist movement of the predominantly Muslim Chechens with bombing and shelling. Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered airstrikes against Syrian Muslims without much worry over collateral damage. India has zero tolerance for Islamic radicalism and hits back hard any time Muslim terrorists attack….

No place has been more open to Muslim refugees than the United States and the European Union. Together they have accepted several million emigrants from the Middle East since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.

Yet the west’s wealth and decadence tempts and annoys:

The West is wealthy, sensual, and liberal, and it offers the chance of global publicity to killers….

Muslim immigrants from the Middle East prefer the higher standard of living in Paris than the abject poverty at home. But they also hate how such affluence insidiously tempts their own religious fundamentalism. They do not praise Europe for its generosity, but rather blame it for its decadence.

The west demands nothing of the newcomers:

America asks little of its immigrants. U.S. policies allow illegal entry en masse. America does not insist that newcomers learn English, and it largely prefers the trendy multicultural salad bowl to the time-tested assimilationist melting pot. As a result, there are entire communities where recent immigrants and their families prefer to guilt-trip, rather than show affinity toward, their adopted countries.

Better dead than “racist”:

Many Westerners are more scared of being labeled as illiberal or nativist than they are of being unsafe. … As a result, jihadists trust that they can cull a handful of Westerners every few weeks from an otherwise indifferent herd.