“Stop the Mosques” banner at football match enrages the AFL, Eddie McGuire

“Stop the Mosques” banner at football match enrages the AFL, Eddie McGuire. The banner was unfurled at the Collingwood and Richmond match, just beneath the scoreboard. MCG officials said the banner was removed and that those holding it were ejected from the venue.

Collingwood president Eddie McGuire said those responsible should be banned for life, and promised bans if the culprits are found to have any official connection to the club. The Collingwood Club:

There is no place at Collingwood, or in our game, for such behaviour. … The club awaits the outcome of further investigations into the matter by the AFL, the Victoria Police and MCG security.

The Australian Football League:

The AFL condemns the behaviour in the strongest terms and such actions have no place in society and not in our game.

The police:

Victoria Police will assess the circumstances and review all evidence to determine if an offence has been committed.

If it’s not obvious to the professionals whether an offense has been committed, how are we ordinary folks supposed to know? Vague laws are perfect for selective enforcement, against those not favored by the elite.

The group United Patriots Front claimed responsibility, issued a video by UPF leader Blair Cottrell, and have dared police and the AFL to ban them.

What would the reaction would be if someone unfurled a banner at a future Collingwood match that said “Stop the Churches“? A good chuckle and a wink from the PC, I expect — but even if they got shamed into condemning it, I’ll bet it would be obvious their hearts weren’t in it.