‘No One Cares if You Majored in Lesbian Dance Theory’

‘No One Cares if You Majored in Lesbian Dance Theory’. Ben Shaprio notes that the current climate at US universities even condones violence against those with conservative views:

The idea is that if you disagree with the prevailing liberal [leftist] orthodoxy … then that makes you a bad person. ‘You’re a racist, sexist, bigoted homophobe. You need to be shut down. You’re hurting people’s feelings. The space is no longer safe. You’re triggering people. You’re micro-aggressing people. Violence or university measures are justified against you.

Shapiro also explains that these indoctrinated students will be hit with a harsh slap in the face by the real world when they graduate and try to earn a living.

When they get to the job market, no one cares if you majored in Lesbian Dance Theory. You don’t get a six figure job.

Shapiro also said:

The international left will lose the war on terror without firing a shot at the terrorists. They’ll reserve all their rage for those who speak about Islamic terrorism.