Turnbull’s Drive to Eliminate Massive State/Federal Duplication

Turnbull’s Drive to Eliminate Massive State/Federal Duplication. Robert Gottliebsen reckons Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull “is taking the first step towards making both federal and state government budgets work.”

The Turnbull plan to have the states gain taxing powers for education and health makes sense if the Commonwealth government disbands its massive public servant army that duplicates what the states are doing. There many billions of dollars to be saved with no reduction in services.

Gottliebsen’s preference is for the people on the ground (the states) to run the health and education systems, rather than the Commonwealth ending the duplication by taking health and education from the states and cutting all funding, and I think he is correct.

UPDATE: It appears Turnbull has since retreated from this idea — which was not presented as a well prepared and thought out plan — surrendering without a fight. We note that the ABC conspicuously failed to mention the duplication issue that largely motivates the change, possibly because of the ABC’s preference for bigger government and more public servants. The other mainstream media have mostly followed the ABC lead, as they usually do (perhaps with an eye to individuals landing plum ABC jobs in the future).

UPDATE: Or perhaps the idea was just a negotiation tactic to get the state premiers to accept less money.