Defense Department Orders Marines to Change Their Culture

Defense Department Orders Marines to Change Their Culture, by Steve Byas. The Obama administration is forcing the US Marine Corps to include women in combat units. The Marines will undergo a new curriculum of sensitivity training, with courses to change the Marine Corps culture that instruct the men that they are biased toward women and will lead them to overcome such bias. (See Obama uses army to attack “white privilege”.)

The Marine Corps originally asked to keep units involved in close-in ground attacks on the enemy closed to females, but Obama Defense Secretary Ashton Carter refused. Then the Marines announced their intention to require equal standards of physical performance for both men and women. Elaine Donnelly, with the Center for Military Readiness, fears that the Corps will need to lower standards:

If the Marines try to maintain a merit-based system, it will not withstand political pressures to meet equal opportunity goals and gender diversity metrics and quotas.

After the Corps performed some field experimentation and discovered that mixed-sex combat units were less effective than all-male ones, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus simply dismissed the validity of the studies.

Commenter Rebel Yell:

The USMC is a hardcore outfit that WINS battles. Now, they want to make them into wimps. Every other branch of the military has watered down their standards EXCEPT the USMC.

No woman, not one, has ever made it through the USMC infantry leadership course. NOT ONE. That says it all. Liberals are crying rivers of tears over this. The ONLY WAY a woman can compete with a man in combat is when the liberal establishment steps in and alters the equation. Women are now passing Ranger School because they’re being given special treatment that NONE of the men get.

The USMC conducted a year long research into mixed sex units. Their conclusion? Mixed sex units horribly under perform compared to all male units. As veteran of the US Army, I can attest to the truth of this. I’m not saying women can’t perform, but I am saying if they’re going to be in the military it would be best if they were put into all-women units only.

hat-tip Barry Corke