CLINTON CRASH: Hillary Has Received Hundreds of Thousands Fewer Votes in 2016 vs. 2008

CLINTON CRASH: Hillary Has Received Hundreds of Thousands Fewer Votes in 2016 vs. 2008.

Hillary Clinton has badly underperformed in 2016 compared with her first run for president in 2008, a new data analysis done exclusively by Breitbart News shows. Hillary Clinton has badly underperformed in 2016 compared with her first run for president in 2008, a new data analysis done exclusively by Breitbart News shows.

It’s particularly telling that she’s gotten fewer votes in 2016 than she did in 2008…

To win in November, Clinton will need a strong showing from the Democrat base. This data seems to suggest that she has significant problems with her own party’s core voters, meaning that if whoever wins the Republican nomination is able to woo these disaffected Democrats into the GOP camp, there could be a blowout in November for the Republican nominee.

Russians now hope for God’s help more

Russians now hope for God’s help more, byYekaterina Sinelschikova. Russians have begun to hope for God’s help twice as often in the past 25 years, according to a poll of 1,600 people.

The rise of religious sentiment among citizens has been noticed, particularly by the Russian Orthodox Church.

Patriarch Alexander Volkov: “We experienced the first wave of religiosity just after the Soviet period, when crowds of people went to the church, but it was not always a conscious effort. Now people are doing it with more forethought.”

The church has taken notice and over the past five years, Moscow has significantly increased the number of parishes – from 894 in 2012 to 1,110 in 2015.

But this is not enough according to Volkov. “Now we understand that we need many more churches. Not one of the constructed temples is empty. All are full or are even overcrowded.”

This seems to be a factor helping Russia cope with Muslims much better than the West.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Much to Celebrate, More To Do

Much to Celebrate, More To Do, by Michael Warren Davis.

You can see it in the faces of the Left’s champions as voters and the tide of history oblige them to confront the wreckage their policies have wrought, from the divisive separatism of multiculturalism to the morass of red ink that mires the West’s economies. Damage done, now to fix it. …

The masses in Europe and America are only beginning to rethink the West’s trajectory because the ghastly conclusion of radical Leftism is everywhere evident: poverty, crime, and social alienation. …

It’s doubly bad news for the Left. Not only are they being discredited, and indeed discrediting themselves – you can read regret on the faces of Angela Merkel, David Cameron, and Barack Obama as if it’s printed in 132-point type – but their ideological muscles are completely atrophied after so many years of disuse. There’s not a single intelligent defender of progressivism to be found anywhere in the Western world.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Delcons, Defcons, and elections in Australia 2016

Delcons, Defcons, and elections in Australia 2016. Joanne Nova enters the debate on whether conservatives who find Malcolm Turnbull too left-leaning should vote Liberal, protest (vote ALA?), or punish the Liberals by voting Labor.

With an election likely for July 2nd, the hottest topic in Australian politics right now is how to vote. So put your best case forward here. Hammer this out. Will Turnbull promise anything to win back the Delcons — the angry conservatives? The time to ask is now, and if the Liberal base are not prepared to vote against him, they have nothing to negotiate.

The elephant in 2016 is the ferocious boiling anger among betrayed conservatives and small government libertarians, divided over whether they can bear to vote for Turnbull (a Liberal*) who has been called the best leader the Labor Party never had. Delcons was tossed at the so-called “Delusional” Conservatives. But they took up the badge. Defcons means the Defiant ones.

WHEN WINNING IS LOSING. The great Tim Blair also finds her article of note:

The great Jo Nova analyses Delcon voting strategies:

“The issue: Is it better to vote for the lesser of two evils and hope a Turnbull-led party can be reformed after a win, or is it better to think long term, take the medicine and rebuild in opposition – and is there a realistic third choice?”

“Winning at any cost is a loss. It’s a matter of principle. As long as Turnbull is in charge there will be no real alternative for conservative libertarians. If the “true liberal base” will put up with Turnbull and support power for Liberals regardless of principles then their vote is truly worth nothing. I’m not just talking about putting small parties or independents ahead of the Liberal candidate, but the nuclear option – sending the preferences to Labor, despite its ghastly policies.”

Read the whole thing, and join in the comments.

UPDATE: From Rage of the Delcons by Miranda Devine:

THE Essential poll last week quantified that strange beast: the delcon, or delusional conservative. These are Liberal voters so angry about Tony Abbott’s ousting they would rather Bill Shorten win the election than Malcolm Turnbull.

Essential asked: “Has the re-election of Malcolm Turnbull as leader of the Liberal Party made you more or less likely to support the Liberal National Coalition at the next federal election?”

Just 14 per cent say they are less likely to vote for the Turnbull-led Coalition. Just four percent say they are “much less likely”. That’s what you could call the delcon community, small but noisy.

UPDATE: Andrew Bolt replies by accusing Devine of playing the gender card. Seems like a storm in a teacup.

College more dangerous than prison for women AND men when it comes to sexual assault, says Obama admin

College more dangerous than prison for women AND men when it comes to sexual assault, says Obama admin, by Ashe Schow. The Obama administration has produced new statistics on prison rape which, taken in conjunction with its widespread claims about college campuses, imply that women and even men are safer from rape in prison than they are on college campuses.

Which shows how much they twist statistics and how much you should trust them.

Democrats Have a Serious Male Voter Problem

Democrats Have a Serious Male Voter Problem, by Ashe Schow.

[A]s media outlets and Democrats love to focus on the gender gap among Republicans that favors men, they ignore the massive gender gap on the Democratic Party that favors women. It’s due in large part these days to the Party’s consistent pandering to women and minorities while ignoring white men. …

Working-class men have seen their jobs disappearing and their issues being ignored or forced to take a backseat to the issues of others—and if they complain they’re accused of racism, sexism and white male privilege.

Ms. Clinton has become so tone deaf on men’s issues that when she wrote an op-ed about criminal justice reform … she focused solely on women prisoners. She even went so far as to imply female criminals are really victims because they can’t visit their children.

She completely ignored the massive gender disparities in the criminal justice system that favor women, like shorter sentences (if they’re sentenced at all) for similar crimes as men and the advantages women have in family court.

It’s this kind of pandering that turns a lot of voters—especially male voters off. When a candidate has to completely discount an entire population in order to try and gain the votes of another population, it’s sickening.

UPDATE: The marriage gap between the US parties is more than double the gender gap. The gender gap fits the narrative (spun as “women won’t vote for Republicans because the Republicans wage war on women”), but the marriage gap is never mentioned in the PC media.

In the 2012 US Presidential election, married people voted 56 – 42 (Republican – Democrat), while singles voted 36 – 62. From which one might conclude that “married people detest the Democrats” — which perhaps is why the media/left/pc-crew work so hard to undermine marriage?

Simple Patriotism Trumps Ideology

Simple Patriotism Trumps Ideology. Peggy Noonan observes that after 16 years, Americans have grown tired of both conservative and liberal abstractions.

The wind is at Donald Trump’s back, and it’s the kind that doesn’t lessen but build. …

I’d been thinking that maybe Mr. Trump’s appeal is simple: What Trump supporters believe, what they perceive as they watch him, is that he is on America’s side.

And that comes as a great relief to them, because they believe that for 16 years Presidents Bush and Obama were largely about ideologies. They seemed not so much on America’s side as on the side of abstract notions about justice and the needs of the world. Mr. Obama’s ideological notions are leftist, and indeed he is a hero of the international left. He is about international climate-change agreements, and leftist views of gender, race and income equality. Mr. Bush’s White House was driven by a different ideology—neoconservatism, democratizing, nation building, defeating evil in the world, privatizing Social Security.

But it was all ideology.

Then Mr. Trump comes and in his statements radiate the idea that he’s not at all interested in ideology, only in making America great again—through border security and tough trade policy, etc. He’s saying he’s on America’s side, period.

It’s even simpler than that: Trump is promising what most voters want, to help them — starting with less immigration and better jobs.

Black Student Activist Fights Racism By Stiffing White Waitress On Tip

Black Student Activist Fights Racism By Stiffing White Waitress On Tip, by Blake Neff. The student, Ntokozo Qwabe hails from South Africa, is a Rhodes Scholar and leader in a black activist group at Oxford University. After not leaving a tip, he writes:

She leaves us & bursts into typical white tears.

Moral of the story: the time has come when no white person will be absolved. We are tired of “not all white people” and all other bullshit.

Neff writes:

Qwabe’s collective denunciation of all white people, and his suggestion that he supports violence against them, have started a backlash online, but Qwabe has refused to back down in any way.

Splendid, really trying it on. Qwabe wants collective treatment for others, but no doubt will want to be treated as an individual, ‘cos after all he is a Rhodes scholar. Oh, and in a case of enlightened self-interest, he gets to keep the tip money!

UPDATE: Rhodes Must Fall Agitator Boasts: I Made A White Waitress Cry… by James Delingpole.

Qwabe was one of the South Africans lucky enough to have been awarded a Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University. On arriving at Oxford, he showed his gratitude by helping to organise a campaign to remove a statue of the scholarship’s benefactor Cecil Rhodes from Oriel College.

Despite the Rhodes Must Fall campaign’s associations with anti-white racism and wanton destruction at the University of Cape Town – including chants of “One Settler; One Bullet” – the Oriel College authorities appeared all too ready to take the rabble’s demands seriously.

The craven, politically correct Oriel authorities have cost the college millions of pounds in lost donations. What Oriel College should have done, of course, is sent a letter to Qwabe and his smelly crew like the one I suggested in Mud Huts v Western Civilization: Why #Rhodesmustfall Must Fail:

It began:

Dear scrotty students,

Cecil Rhodes’s generous bequest has contributed greatly to the comfort and wellbeing of many generations of Oxford students – a good many of them, dare we say it, better, brighter and more deserving than you.

and it went on:

And what were your ancestors doing in that period? Living in mud huts, mainly. Sure we’ll concede you the shortlived Southern African civilisation of Great Zimbabwe. But let’s be brutally honest here. The contribution of the Bantu tribes to modern civilisation has been as near as damn it to zilch.

You’ll probably say that’s “racist”. But it’s what we here at Oxford prefer to call “true.” Perhaps the rules are different at other universities. In fact, we know things are different at other universities. We’ve watched with horror at what has been happening across the pond from the University of Missouri to the University of Virginia and even to reverend institutions like Harvard and Yale: the “safe spaces”; the #blacklivesmatter; the creeping cultural relativism; the stifling political correctness; what Allan Bloom rightly called “the closing of the American mind”. At Oxford however, we will always prefer facts and free, open debate to petty grievance-mongering, identity politics and empty sloganeering. The day we cease to do so is the day we lose the right to call ourselves the world’s greatest university.

The letter subsequently went viral in South Africa.

Hundreds More Reasons to Detest 18C

Hundreds More Reasons to Detest 18C, by Tony Thomas.

People think Section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act has only really caught Andrew Bolt, plus a few luckless students and staff at Queensland University of Technology. Not so. Right now the Human Rights Commission (HRC) is considering eighteen more complaints – a fact elicited by the Institute of Public Affairs via a Freedom of Information request. And in the past six years, as we now know, aggrieved citizens have lodged a stunning 832 complaints.

This extraordinary data was disclosed today (April 28) by IPA Policy Director Simon Breheny at the launch in Carlton of a new Connor Court book on Section 18c: No Offence Intended: Why 18C is Wrong (270pp, $29.95). The authors are Murdoch University trio Joshua Forrester (Ph.D candidate), Lorraine Finlay, (lecturer in constitutional law), and Dr Augusto Zimmerman (senior lecturer in constitutional law and a WA Law Reform Commissioner).

For those who need reminding, Section 18C makes unlawful any act reasonably likely to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate another person or group of people because of race, colour, nationality or ethnicity.

The Wentworth Report has anticipated the book in two posts: Section 18C may render all speech “inoffensive” and No Offence Intended: Why 18C is Wrong.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Obama’s legacy: Politics of anger, fights, division

Obama’s legacy: Politics of anger, fights, division, by Anita Kumar.

Before he was even sworn into office, Obama proclaimed that his successful election itself had altered American politics. “Change has come to America,” he said the day he was elected president.

Now entering his final months in office, Obama acknowledges that he was not able to “fix our politics.” …

Instead, partisanship and dysfunction have grown worse. … Fist fights at campaign rallies. A major presidential candidate called a bigot and bully by members of his own party. And Americans downright pessimistic.

Republicans and Democrats refuse to compromise, sometimes even talk. Congress has become more unproductive with lawmakers failing to pass budgets or even consider presidential appointments. And most Americans have little to no confidence in the federal government to tackle the problems facing the nation in 2016…

There’s plenty of reasons for the dysfunction: millions of dollars of unaccountable money in politics; districts that ensure most lawmakers don’t face competition; parties that have become more extreme; highly partisan media outlets and an atmosphere that no longer stops campaigning for governing.

All that racial healing! Seriously, electing a community organizer with radical friends and a Muslim background, steeped in political correctness — it is hardly surprising. The old question arises: evil or stupid?

Protests rage outside Trump rally in Orange County, California; 17 arrested, police car smashed

Protests rage outside Trump rally in Orange County, California; 17 arrested, police car smashed. Hundreds of demonstrators filled the street outside the Orange County amphitheater where Donald Trump held a rally Thursday night, stomping on cars, hurling rocks at motorists and forcefully declaring their opposition to the Republican presidential candidate.

19-year-old Daniel Lujan, one of hundreds in a crowd that appeared to be mostly Latinos in their late teens and 20s:

I’m protesting because I want equal rights for everybody, and I want peaceful protest. I knew this was going to happen. It was going to be a riot. He deserves what he gets.

While we’re on the topic of hypocrisy and violence, notice how there are no violent protestors or interrupters at Clinton or Sanders rallies, which shows that … Trump supporters are violent? Rely on the media to spin it for the PC, except Fox:

Identify groups and political correctness are killing civil society

IDENTITY GROUPS AND POLITICAL CORRECTNESS ARE KILLING CIVIL SOCIETY. From What is needed for free institutions to work, by Steve Kates:

John Stuart Mill once observed that democracy could work only among a unified homogeneous people. This ominous passage is from Chapter XVI of his Considerations on Representative Government:

“Free institutions are next to impossible in a country made up of different nationalities. Among a people without fellow-feeling, especially if they read and speak different languages, the united public opinion, necessary to the working of representative government, cannot exist. The influences which form opinions and decide political acts are different in the different sections of the country. An altogether different set of leaders have the confidence of one part of the country and of another. The same books, newspapers, pamphlets, speeches, do not reach them. One section does not know what opinions, or what instigations, are circulating in another. […] For the preceding reasons, it is in general a necessary condition of free institutions that the boundaries of governments should coincide in the main with those of nationalities.” (Mill [1861] 1991*: 291-294).

The rise of identity politics, fanned by the Left and supported by political correctness over the last few decades, has led to many groups in society nakedly promoting their identities and interests.

However one group in the West however is forbidden by the Left and political correctness from identity politics — whites. Whites see other groups gaining political privileges and advantages, sometimes at their expense. The inevitable is now coming to pass, as political correctness is increasingly scorned — whites are starting to identify too, if only as as a defensive reaction. Tolerance is stretched, and political correctness gets ever more deleterious to the interests of the mainstream, which isn’t quite so “main” anymore. Recent insults such as preferred treatments for Muslims (of all people!), and the bathroom wars, are accelerating the trend.

See these photos of protestors blocking Trump’s motorcade and causing chaos at the Californian Republican convention. The kid holding the “Make American Mexico Again” sign in front of a big Mexican flag is typical — La Raza (“the race”) is “good” in PC world, but any hint of white solidarity is “as bad as the Nazis”.

Taken to its logical conclusion, this will mean the end of politics as usual in the West. As Kates quotes Mill above, “democracy could work only among a unified homogeneous people,” and as the late Lee Kwan Yew of Singapore said: “In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.” In the coming decades, we might be about to reap the whirlwind of encouraging identity politics and discouraging assimilation.

hat-tip Matthew

UPDATE: The new white-guilt concept is ‘white fragility’, where

you’re racist if you push back against the people who imagine a world without whiteness or who openly say they want to breed white people out of existence.
The racial prejudice in this, or “racism” is you prefer, is easily exposed by switching the name of the race to, say, “black” or “mexican.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil

The Dead Will Be Many — Another Date With Destiny

The Dead Will Be Many — Another Date With Destiny, by David Archibald. Control of western economies via climate regulations is a stepping stone to one of the further goals of the left — control of food supply. At the end, the left will have the whole world starve together as vegetarians rather than individual nations being responsible for their own food supply. Thus we saw the spectacle of supposed dining on “waste food” at the end of the Paris climate confab in 2015.

The biggest threat to that happening is a major war in East Asia, perhaps driven by Chinese notions of racial superiority. In the wash, this will simply bring forward what is inevitable anyway. Richard Fernandez has written a glimpse of a very possible future. Read an interesting speculative account of the opening day of the war in the Philippines.


First gene therapy successful against human aging

First gene therapy successful against human aging. Elizabeth Parrish, CEO of Bioviva USA Inc. has become the first human being to be successfully rejuvenated by gene therapy, after her own company’s experimental therapies reversed 20 years of normal telomere shortening. In September 2015, then 44 year-old Parrish received two of her own company’s experimental gene therapies: one to protect against loss of muscle mass with age, another to battle stem cell depletion responsible for diverse age-related diseases and infirmities.

hat-tip Matthew

A majority of millennials now reject capitalism, poll shows

A majority of millennials now reject capitalism, poll shows, by

In an apparent rejection of the basic principles of the U.S. economy, a new poll shows that most young people do not support capitalism.

The Harvard University survey, which polled young adults between ages 18 and 29, found that 51 percent of respondents do not support capitalism. Just 42 percent said they support it.

Just 33 percent said they supported socialism.

Commenter Ulysses Noman:

Max Ehrenfreun’s writeup is laughable and gives far too much weight that ignorant millenials have actually given the issue any study whatsoever. The survey isn’t a measure of their weighed opinions but rather a reflection of the rank indoctrination in the Marxist Dialectic which these children have been exposed to throughout their entire malfeasant “education”.

Until they’ve actually worked hard and been taxed hard, their opinions are based mostly on the garbage their indoctrinators have stuffed in their heads. It’s just a shame they can vote in the middle of their rank ignorance.

hat-tip Matthew

Hillary Clinton wants gender quotas in her administration — why stop there?

Hillary Clinton wants gender quotas in her administration — why stop there? by Ashe Schow. Hillary Clinton recently said she would strive to make her hypothetical administration “look like America.” Asked whether she would pledge to make her Cabinet 50 percent women, Clinton replied, to audience applause,

Well, I am going to have a Cabinet that looks like America, and 50 percent of America is women, right?

Political correctness isn’t consistent, but the implications are clear enough.

I highly doubt that she plans equal representation for the 41 percent of Americans identify as Republican or Republican-leaning.

Thirteen percent of Americans are black. Will Clinton make sure 13 percent of her Cabinet is black?

One percent of Americans are American Indian or Alaska Native. Will Clinton make sure one percent of her Cabinet is American Indian or Native Alaskan? Is that even possible?

Eight percent of Americans under 65 have a disability. Will Clinton make sure 8 percent of her Cabinet is disabled?

Half of Americans have an IQ below average. Do we really want half the Cabinet to be below-average-IQ?

1 Minute of All-Out Exercise May Have Benefits of 45 Minutes of Moderate Exertion

1 Minute of All-Out Exercise May Have Benefits of 45 Minutes of Moderate Exertion, by Gretchen Reynolds.

For many of us, the most pressing question about exercise is: How little can I get away with? The answer, according to a sophisticated new study of interval training, may be very, very little.

In this new experiment, in fact, 60 seconds of strenuous exertion proved to be as successful at improving health and fitness as three-quarters of an hour of moderate exercise.

Waiting for Donald

Waiting for Donald, by Roger L Simon. This is different.

This is my third Trump event to witness in person (many more on TV) and it strikes me that they are becoming “happenings” for Middle America. They are unlike political events I have seen before. The most similar I have seen were rallies I attended for Bobby Kennedy years ago. RFK and Trump had and have a real charisma.

Normal candidates cannot compete with those rare charismatic leaders when they come along. That is why Cruz and Kasich could not compete with Trump, nor could the fourteen or fifteen others once on the stage with him.  It is also why I predict he will defeat Hillary Clinton, who has the charisma of a dead turtle.

Environmentalist — becoming a dirty word

Environmentalist — becoming a dirty word, by Joanne Nova.

Once upon a time, nearly everyone was “environmental.” After the first glorious Earth Day fully 78% used the term to describe themselves. Incredibly in 1991 just as many Republicans identified as environmentalists as Democrats did.  Now only 42% of all Americans would use the term.

The long term trend appears inescapable. The Republicans are about 20 years ahead.

Target’s Bathroom Policy: Politically Correct, But Dead Wrong

Target’s Bathroom Policy: Politically Correct, But Dead Wrong, by Mitchell Shaw. Target recently announced a policy of allowing anyone to use either bathroom in their stores. However there has been a huge backlash, spawning a popular boycott movement.

Dan Hall, a father of eight in Mabank, Texas: …  “I simply cannot feel comfortable sending my kids to the bathroom knowing that anyone could be in there.”

Target has attempted to spin this as a matter of values. Of course the company’s statement that it “strive[s] to make our guests and team members feel accepted, respected and welcomed in our stores and workplaces every day” somehow does not apply to people who feel threatened or just uncomfortable using intimate facilities with members of the opposite sex.

UPDATE: Top Twenty-Five Stories Proving Target’s Pro-Transgender Bathroom Policy Is Dangerous to Women and Children.

As the boycott of Target stores over its pro-transgender bathroom policy grows, the question of just who such a policy puts in danger is a natural one to ask. As these policies proliferate across the country, the number of stories of predators threatening women and children in public restrooms is also growing by the day. …

Still, in defense of such polices, liberals ask what harm could come to anyone if bathrooms are opened up to men dressed as women, or others who claim to be transgender? On the other hand, those who reject these policies ask why the nation should put women and children in danger by allowing predators to more easily enter and install video cameras in bathrooms and changing rooms or otherwise threaten and harass people using the restroom?

By even the most generous estimations only .3 percent of the nation claims to be transgender. So, in the end, these extreme policies of bending over backwards for people who claim to be transgender are designed for less than half of one percent of Americans.

This is so dumb, there is obviously another agenda involved.

hat-tip Barry Corke

Leftists erode our social fabric

Leftists erode our social fabric, by Maurice Newman. The election of Labor in 2007 saw a big step-up in political correctness in Australia:

Meanwhile, the “Howard battlers” watched helplessly as their middle-class values and enjoyment of social harmony were jettisoned and replaced with the “progressive” policies of the pretentious, highly paid, tertiary educated, minority-driven establishment. A new code of politically correct behaviour, endorsed by authority and self-appointed thought police, now threatens them.

With the inevitable consequences.

Gradually, the social cost of these policies is being felt. Weak border protection and admission criteria have seen the over-representation of ethnic minorities in our jails. It isn’t a topic of polite conversation among the inner-city intelligentsia but in the ’burbs, where the crimes take place, free speech is still openly practised.

Leftist elites may sneer at suburban ordinariness, but out there, people see respect for the rule of law in ever diminishing supply.

PC indoctrination comes from big government in our brave new world:

Using our money, children are brainwashed from preschool. The “black armband” view of Australian history is shamelessly pushed. No counter view is taught. Students are informed that climate change is the result of greed and irresponsible human activity. The Malthusian view of sustainability is the first principle, regardless of contrary empirical evidence. Without parental consent, the Safe Schools program forces radical views of gender and sexuality on to innocent children.

Thus indoctrinated, young people go on to tertiary education, where this preconditioning is reinforced. At university, contrary views and debate are discouraged or shut down. If you want to graduate, toe the party line. And, by the way, you may no longer tell people what they don’t want to hear.

Which necessitates even bigger government:

Such sweeping cultural reforms are expensive but governments, state and federal, happily foot the bill.

Indeed, to pay for the growing army of government workers, academics, environmental extremists, the “forever needy” and other politically useful minorities, we have become increasingly dependent on government …

But it’s not sustainable — government and the welfare state only got this large on the back of the largest-ever financial bubble, from 1982, which is now threatening to bust.

According to Australian National University researcher Ben Phillips, only 43 per cent of the adult population excluding public sector workers are net taxpayers, meaning more than 50 per cent of voters rely fully on political patronage for their income. …

These consequences are conveniently ignored by political leaders. They pretend not to see the bubble-up poverty where, over time, ever more taxes are extracted from a diminishing number of taxpayers until none are left to tax.

For one key group Trump’s Muslim ban is yuuge

For one key group Trump’s Muslim ban is yuuge. Trump’s temporary ban on non-citizen Muslims entering America is very popular with Republican primary voters, the only people able to vote on it so far. G.M. Davis, who earned his doctorate in political science from Stanford University and is author of “House of War: Islam’s Jihad against the World”:

It should not be surprising that Donald Trump’s proposal for a temporary halt to Muslim immigration has attracted such overwhelming support among Republican voters. It is an eminently reasonable and moderate proposal, which one hopes will set the tone for more sweeping proposals as the campaign progresses.

It demonstrates that Mr. Trump understands the danger posed by Muslim immigration as well as the slanted politics of the issue, which routinely cast such proposals as his own as ‘extreme,’ ‘racist,’ etc. and which requires special handling from figures such as himself.

The global western establishment is trying something deeply unpopular with the general western population. Let’s hope democracy prevails.

Republican leaders are committed to an agenda of globalization, which leads them to put political correctness ahead of national security.

On the issue of Muslim immigration, perhaps more than any other, ordinary voters and the establishment of both parties are divided. Really, the establishment is happy to give voters whatever they like as long as the general program of globalization continues to move forward. That program entails the continued demolition of national borders, the mixing of national, religious and ethnic populations, and the general dissolution of local and regional distinctions of all sorts around which ordinary people can rally to defend their traditional freedoms.

Ongoing immigration, especially Muslim immigration, is central to the general plan of eroding national integrity and identity, which is exactly why the establishment loves it and ordinary voters hate it.

The Muslim nightmare is a huge issue, mostly ignored by a media that adopts the PC stance of the ruling class:

Westerners, Europeans and Americans are increasingly waking up to the nightmare of having their lands invaded by a hostile ideology that recognizes nothing of their own as sacred: not Christianity, not women’s rights, not freedom of speech, not responsible, secular government. Regardless of how the 2016 election turns out, the issue of Muslim immigration will persist, either as a focus of policy in a Trump (or possibly Cruz) administration or as an ever-growing elephant in the room of a Clinton administration.

At last, America First!

At last, America First! by Pat Buchanan. A foreign policy revolution is occurring, which will affect everyone in the world:

Whether the establishment likes it or not, and it evidently does not, there is a revolution going on in America. … Trump [recently] declared that the “major and overriding theme” of his administration will be – “America first.” Right down the smokestack!

By what he castigated, and what he promised, Trump is repudiating both the fruits of the Obama-Clinton foreign policy and the legacy of Bush Republicanism and neoconservatism.

When Ronald Reagan went home, says Trump, “our foreign policy began to make less and less sense. Logic was replaced with foolishness and arrogance, which ended in one foreign policy disaster after another.” …

Can anyone argue that our interventions to overthrow regimes and erect democratic states in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen have succeeded and been worth the price we have paid in blood and treasure, and the devastation we have left in our wake?

This may be rankest heresy to America’s elites, but Trump outlines a foreign policy past generations would have recognized as common sense: Look out for your own country and your own people first.
“We’re getting out of the nation-building business,” says Trump.

UPDATE: Trump’s foreign-policy speech earns praise in Russia. Instead of calling President Putin names, Trump says he would talk to the Russians to “end the cycle of hostility,” if he can.

With varying enthusiasm, GOP elites are accepting Trump as their nominee

With varying enthusiasm, GOP elites are accepting Trump as their nominee, by Philip Rucker.

An aura of inevitability is now forming around the controversial mogul. Trump smothered his opponents in six straight primaries in the Northeast and vacuumed up more delegates than even the most generous predictions foresaw. …

“People are realizing that he’s the likely nominee,” said Tim Pawlenty, a former Minnesota governor and one-time endorser of Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida. “The hysteria has died down and the range of emotion is from resignation to enthusiasm.” …

Celebrating his sweep in Tuesday’s primaries, Trump declared himself the “presumptive nominee.” At a rally the next day in Indianapolis, he proclaimed, “We’re just about ready to put it away, folks.”

Great barrier grief as Greens trash-talk ‘dying reef

Great barrier grief as Greens trash-talk ‘dying reef, by Peter Michael.

THE Greens Party took a taxpayer-funded $6000 charter boat and plane trip to the Great Barrier Reef yesterday only to declare Queensland’s biggest tourism asset dead.

In what some local tour operators described as “scaremongering”, Greens Leader Richard Di Natale and deputy Senator Larissa Waters said the “death” of the reef was a “national catastrophe”.

But the pair told of “sheer beauty” as they snorkelled off a luxury game boat at a cost of $2250-a-day, at Michaelmas Cay off Cairns yesterday.

Tourism operators, some of who refused to ferry the Greens out to the reef, warned political scaremongering was rubbishing the reputation of our greatest natural asset and killing off the drawcard for a $6 billion-a-year tourist industry which employs 60,000 staff.

More nonsense because of a primitive, faulty model taught in introductory climate science. By the way, the Great Barrier Reef has only been in its current location for about 12 thousand years, since the water rose when the last ice age ended. Before that it was hundreds of kilometers further east.

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ABC Nightly News Speaks for the Politically Correct on “Refugees” on Manus

ABC Nightly News Speaks for the Politically Correct on “Refugees” on Manus. The ABC’s 7 pm TV News bulletin tonight argued that the refugees on Manus must now be allowed to settle in Australia, after PNG announced that it would be closing the facility that houses 850 people on its Manus Island.

The ABC makes its arguments by selecting interviewees and by selectively presenting facts. The ABC interviews and broadcast people whom they know will put forward their point of view. Which is why they interview Green politicians far above their representation in Parliament or their percentage of votes received at the last election.

The ABC is the home of political correctness in Australia, so tonight’s “news” bulletin was really a program of instructions to the PC people of Australia on this issue. The ABC referred to the 850 people detained on Manus as “refugees” and wants them settled in Australia. That’s the policy, and all PC people in Australia will have tuned in and will now be singing from the same hymn book.

The ABC argument disregards the will of the voters, as expressed at the last federal election. The last federal election only had a few issues; the current government was elected with a mandate  to “stop the boats”, and, by implication, to stop people entering Australia illegally. The ABC News treated the people, and democracy, with contempt. Further, it did so using public money and in contradiction of the ABC Charter.

The ABC consistently referred to the detainees as refugees, and quotes one as saying he was not interested in living in PNG, because he is an Australian refugee, not a PNG refugee. That is grossly misleading of the ABC. A “refugee” seeks refugee from danger, so if he was in danger in the country he came from (Iran?) then any country that was safe would be a refuge and should be acceptable. Obviously he is an economic aspirant who wants to move to Australia, perhaps to enjoy our generous welfare. The ABC is conspiring with him in his crime.

Nursery penalised for not being ethnically diverse enough

Nursery penalised for not being ethnically diverse enough. Angry parents have blasted Ofsted, the Office for Standards in Education in the UK, after it downgraded a top rural nursery for failing to teach three-year-olds about ethnic diversity.

The education watchdog even penalised Town and Country Kiddies Nursery in Lincolnshire for not having enough pictures of black and Asian people on the walls.

In a report, inspectors criticised the  nursery, which caters for children aged from eight-weeks to 11 years, for failing to teach youngsters about other cultures.

A mum, who did not want to be named, stormed: “Just because the majority of the kids are white shouldn’t be used as a stick to beat the  nursery  with.

Ofsted downgraded the nursery from ‘outstanding’ to ‘good’.

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Bangladesh: Two Hindus jailed for defaming Islam

Bangladesh: Two Hindus jailed for defaming Islam.

Two Hindu teachers in Bangladesh have been jailed for six months for making blasphemous comments about Islam ….

“One of the teachers made some abusive remarks about Islam in the classroom earlier this week…His remarks spread, sparking an outrage among the people in the neighbourhood,” a local journalist told PTI.

The headmaster of the school, who also is a follower of Hindu faith, stood by his colleague after some parents protested against the remarks.

“At one point of altercations they virtually confined the two teachers inside the school,” he said. “Being informed about the situation, the UNO (administrative head of the sub-district) and executive magistrate rushed to the scene, freed them from the confinement and handed them down the sentence by staging a mobile court at the scene,” he said.

So a Muslim mob formed because of abusive remarks about Islam, and those who made the remarks were quickly bundled off to jail. Muslims are famously relaxed and compassionate, just the sort of neighbors everyone wants.

Islam never defames other religions, does it? Cannot ever see anything like that ever happening in the West, no matter how the demographics change, can you?

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Identity 2016: ‘Global citizenship’ rising, poll suggests

Identity 2016: ‘Global citizenship’ rising, poll suggests. People are increasingly identifying themselves as global rather than national citizens, according to a BBC World Service poll.

More than half of those asked (56%) in emerging economies saw themselves first and foremost as global citizens rather than national citizens.In Nigeria (73%), China (71%), Peru (70%) and India (67%) the data is particularly marked.

By contrast, the trend in the industrialised nations seems to be heading in the opposite direction. In these richer nations, the concept of global citizenship appears to have taken a serious hit after the financial crash of 2008. In Germany, for example, only 30% of respondents see themselves as global citizens. …

Indonesia has the weakest sense of national citizenship (4%). Instead, it seems Indonesians have a much stronger sense of localism, with over half of respondents seeing their immediate communities as the most important way of defining themselves.

One problem with polling attitudes on identity is that “global citizenship” is a difficult concept to define and the poll left it open to those taking part to interpret.

This has the air of a trial balloon or a proxy for something.

Islam is “violent throughout its entire history” out of “obedience to the Law of Allah”

Realism and Islam, by James V. Schall. Our leaders cannot comprehend what is going on, either when a whole Western civilization loses its faith and moral standards or when Islam reawakens to the implications of its own faith and its vision of world conquest.

[W]e recall recent events from “9/11”, the bombings in Spain, England, Mumbai, Bali, Fort Hood, San Bernardino, twice in Paris, Lahore, and Brussels, not to mention the persecutions and beheadings in Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Nigeria, Libya, Somalia, Chad, Syria, and the Sunni/Shiite inner-Muslim battles.

[W]e have to acknowledge that Islam, in principle, is actually and potentially violent throughout its entire history. The basic reason for this method is obedience to the Law of Allah, not love for violence itself.

[W]e cannot conclude from the fact that Islam is a “religion” that therefore it is not “violent” or is so only by abuse of its own founding. It is possible to be a religion and to espouse violence. …

These things are said not to promote counter violence against Muslims or to justify Muslim violence against others. Rather it is to respect Islam’s insistence that all those inside and outside of its enclosure be subject to the law of the Prophet. Whether we like it or not, this vision of world rule that is proper to Islam can only be called “religious” in nature. It is rooted in and promoted as a worship of the god called Allah. Not to take this wording seriously is unrealistic. …

What we witness today, much to our surprise, is but another step in the historic world mission that Islam envisions for itself as the will of Allah, a goal that inspires the real and recurrent vigor that is found in its history.

More than mere terrorism:

[W]hether they be Muslim or otherwise, many people refuse to acknowledge that violence is proposed and carried out in the name of Islam. Outside Islam, it is called by the peculiar word “terrorism”. It is rarely called what it is, namely, a religious endeavor to conquer the world as an act of piety. Muslims, in this central tradition, are not “terrorists” just for the fun of it. That is insulting and resented. They practice what we call “terror” because they see themselves carrying out the will of Allah, even sometimes to their own death in doing so….

We see well-equipped modern armies, with inept and not seeing political leadership and with little motivation of forces, out-fought by young armed zealots in pick-up trucks who can, with their followers, threaten every train station and public building in Europe, Africa, Asia, and America. As they planned, they have managed to turn the whole world into a battleground of fear. The cry “Allah be praised!” is heard after every act of destruction.

Yes Islam is quite different to the other main religions, because it is also a violent political ideology. Our ruling PC class could easily work this out, if they would but but value reality more than their political advantage. Still, we don’t see them tying to foist the “religion of peace” big-lie on us much any more, so maybe even they are beginning to sit up and take notice.

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Transgenderism: Gods And Monsters

Gods And Monsters, by Rod Dreher. Transgenderism actually is a much bigger deal than accommodating a very small number of individuals who believe they were born in the wrong bodies:

What must be remembered in all of this is that the leftward impulse in human politics (the propelling force behind Progressivism) has always been the impulse towards transcendence.

This is precisely why the transgender movement is taking off so unbelievably. The left has won its other objectives. The idea that two men can marry and live as a couple has transcended – if not demolished – thousands of years of human culture, tradition and morality. It has all been smashed. The defenses of the family and the church are breached, and the remaining offensive against them is now only a mop-up operation.

Transgenderism, however, is a whole new offensive. This movement is an attack on reality itself; an attempt to transcend not just human constructs like culture and tradition, but to transcend the very “givenness” of human reality itself.

The transgender revolution [thus] … becomes an immensely powerful condensed symbol for the future course of the entire Progressive, leftward movement.

Like much of political correctness, postmodern arts students flail away at reality. Transcendence says we can be whatever we wish; biology says that all our cells carry either an X or a Y chromosome.

A central tenet of political correctness is that people are trained to be what they are, so social engineering can change people’s nature. Hail the social engineers! Yet despite repeated failures, often blighting millions of lives, the PC crew continue to ignore biological realities. Here we go again. Says Dreher:

But progressivism is never satisfied. There is always some new fence to tear down to build utopia. .. an academic researcher on human sexuality and society [said] that transgenderism is a threat to social stability on far more serious level than homosexuality, … that homosexuality mostly works within received gender paradigms, however subversive it may be to longstanding customs and religious teachings. Transgenderism, though, denies the meaning of gender and givenness, and that there is any such reality to our bodies that is not self-chosen.

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UPDATE: A commenter writes:

We’re going in a horrible direction. Transhumanism. The attempt to deny that we are what we are. How can that form a basis for moral inquiry, scientific inquiry, etc?