CLINTON CRASH: Hillary Has Received Hundreds of Thousands Fewer Votes in 2016 vs. 2008

CLINTON CRASH: Hillary Has Received Hundreds of Thousands Fewer Votes in 2016 vs. 2008.

Hillary Clinton has badly underperformed in 2016 compared with her first run for president in 2008, a new data analysis done exclusively by Breitbart News shows. Hillary Clinton has badly underperformed in 2016 compared with her first run for president in 2008, a new data analysis done exclusively by Breitbart News shows.

It’s particularly telling that she’s gotten fewer votes in 2016 than she did in 2008…

To win in November, Clinton will need a strong showing from the Democrat base. This data seems to suggest that she has significant problems with her own party’s core voters, meaning that if whoever wins the Republican nomination is able to woo these disaffected Democrats into the GOP camp, there could be a blowout in November for the Republican nominee.

Russians now hope for God’s help more

Russians now hope for God’s help more, byYekaterina Sinelschikova. Russians have begun to hope for God’s help twice as often in the past 25 years, according to a poll of 1,600 people.

The rise of religious sentiment among citizens has been noticed, particularly by the Russian Orthodox Church.

Patriarch Alexander Volkov: “We experienced the first wave of religiosity just after the Soviet period, when crowds of people went to the church, but it was not always a conscious effort. Now people are doing it with more forethought.”

The church has taken notice and over the past five years, Moscow has significantly increased the number of parishes – from 894 in 2012 to 1,110 in 2015.

But this is not enough according to Volkov. “Now we understand that we need many more churches. Not one of the constructed temples is empty. All are full or are even overcrowded.”

This seems to be a factor helping Russia cope with Muslims much better than the West.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Much to Celebrate, More To Do

Much to Celebrate, More To Do, by Michael Warren Davis.

You can see it in the faces of the Left’s champions as voters and the tide of history oblige them to confront the wreckage their policies have wrought, from the divisive separatism of multiculturalism to the morass of red ink that mires the West’s economies. Damage done, now to fix it. …

The masses in Europe and America are only beginning to rethink the West’s trajectory because the ghastly conclusion of radical Leftism is everywhere evident: poverty, crime, and social alienation. …

It’s doubly bad news for the Left. Not only are they being discredited, and indeed discrediting themselves – you can read regret on the faces of Angela Merkel, David Cameron, and Barack Obama as if it’s printed in 132-point type – but their ideological muscles are completely atrophied after so many years of disuse. There’s not a single intelligent defender of progressivism to be found anywhere in the Western world.

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Delcons, Defcons, and elections in Australia 2016

Delcons, Defcons, and elections in Australia 2016. Joanne Nova enters the debate on whether conservatives who find Malcolm Turnbull too left-leaning should vote Liberal, protest (vote ALA?), or punish the Liberals by voting Labor.

With an election likely for July 2nd, the hottest topic in Australian politics right now is how to vote. So put your best case forward here. Hammer this out. Will Turnbull promise anything to win back the Delcons — the angry conservatives? The time to ask is now, and if the Liberal base are not prepared to vote against him, they have nothing to negotiate.

The elephant in 2016 is the ferocious boiling anger among betrayed conservatives and small government libertarians, divided over whether they can bear to vote for Turnbull (a Liberal*) who has been called the best leader the Labor Party never had. Delcons was tossed at the so-called “Delusional” Conservatives. But they took up the badge. Defcons means the Defiant ones.

WHEN WINNING IS LOSING. The great Tim Blair also finds her article of note:

The great Jo Nova analyses Delcon voting strategies:

“The issue: Is it better to vote for the lesser of two evils and hope a Turnbull-led party can be reformed after a win, or is it better to think long term, take the medicine and rebuild in opposition – and is there a realistic third choice?”

“Winning at any cost is a loss. It’s a matter of principle. As long as Turnbull is in charge there will be no real alternative for conservative libertarians. If the “true liberal base” will put up with Turnbull and support power for Liberals regardless of principles then their vote is truly worth nothing. I’m not just talking about putting small parties or independents ahead of the Liberal candidate, but the nuclear option – sending the preferences to Labor, despite its ghastly policies.”

Read the whole thing, and join in the comments.

UPDATE: From Rage of the Delcons by Miranda Devine:

THE Essential poll last week quantified that strange beast: the delcon, or delusional conservative. These are Liberal voters so angry about Tony Abbott’s ousting they would rather Bill Shorten win the election than Malcolm Turnbull.

Essential asked: “Has the re-election of Malcolm Turnbull as leader of the Liberal Party made you more or less likely to support the Liberal National Coalition at the next federal election?”

Just 14 per cent say they are less likely to vote for the Turnbull-led Coalition. Just four percent say they are “much less likely”. That’s what you could call the delcon community, small but noisy.

UPDATE: Andrew Bolt replies by accusing Devine of playing the gender card. Seems like a storm in a teacup.