Tweaking our gut bacteria could help protect our brain from strokes

HEALTH: Tweaking our gut bacteria could help protect our brain from strokes. The two kilograms of bacteria in our gut seem to have all sorts of effects on us, as modern medical research is suddenly finding out. Experiments with mice showed that certain types of stomach microbes can actually help reduce the severity of strokes by 60%. The gut bacteria seem to be intimately linked to our immune system.

If our government didn’t spend so much money on global warming then it could spend more on medical research.

Wireless mice leave billions at risk of computer hack

TECH: Wireless mice leave billions at risk of computer hack, by Ben Gruber. Many wireless mice use unencrypted signals to communicate with computers. An attacker can send signals to your computer from up to 180 meters away, using a simple line of code to trick the wireless chip connected to the target computer into accepting the attacker as a mouse. They then pretend to be a keyboard, and it is as if the attacker was sitting at your computer typing on the computer.

At a thousand words a minute, the hacker can take over the computer or gain access to a network within seconds.

Bluetooth devices are not vulnerable to this type of attack.

hat-tip Matthew

Saudi government ‘wants to execute gay people who show their sexuality in public and online’

Saudi government ‘wants to execute gay people who show their sexuality in public and online’.

Currently, the Saudi government hands out fines, prison sentences and whipping for being openly gay. A second conviction automatically merits automatic executions although vigilante executions are also common.

The government in the Sunni Kingdom is reportedly demanding tougher punishments on those found guilty and claimed social media has caused a boom in homosexuality.

The politically correct are both pro-gay and pro-Muslim. Obviously consistency is not their strong point, but this betrays a more important motivating principle: they especially don’t like straight, cis-gender, Christian white males. PC is really all about jockeying for power and wealth within our society.

Trump political pal Roger Stone on how Team Trump is waging war

Trump political pal Roger Stone on how Team Trump is waging war. Interesting interview on what is likely to happen and the Trump campaign’s view, by Jason Zengerle in GQ.

Well, I can tell you, having worked for Trump for almost forty years, on and off, no one puts words in his mouth. Nobody suggests what he should or should not say. He doesn’t work that way. He asks a lot of questions, he gets a lot of opinions, he mulls it. But he’s a master of his own fate. He is his own strategist.

And his strategy has been brilliant. If you had told me a year ago that he could combat all of this incredibly heavy negative advertising in every medium—television, radio, cable, mail, so on—with a free-media-based strategy, I would never have believed it. I mean, Trump is better than his campaign.

Trump has been outspent every place, both on the ground and in the air wars, and he’s still won, in most cases, going away. So only Trump can tell you why Trump does the things Trump does.

Why the Corporate Media Hates Sanders

Why the Corporate Media Hates Sanders, by Charles Hugh Smith.

Everyone who isn’t willfully blind knows that the Corporate (mainstream) Media doesn’t give the same coverage to Bernie Sanders as it does to his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Bernie’s rallies go unmentioned, his victories are given short shrift and his personal narrative–practically ideal for media glorification–is mentioned in passing, if at all.

A media professional clued me into why the Corporate Media hates Bernie and will move Heaven and Earth to defeat him: Sanders is the only candidate who is seriously promoting campaign finance reform.

When a Super-PAC raises $100 million for Hillary, Jeb, et al., where does 90% of that money go? To the Corporate Media. Corporate Media gorges on political media buys every two years, and increasingly depends on this feasting on Super-PAC money for its outsized profits.

Imagine the horrific fate of the losers after the climate policy debate ends

Imagine the horrific fate of the losers after the climate policy debate ends. Fabius Maximus speculates on the two extreme scenarios:

First, hard times for climate scientists.

Climate scientists have staked the reputation of their field on an increased occurrence of extreme weather during the next few years. … As a result Leftists frequently speak casually of our certain doom.

What do you call a climate scientist? Waiter!

Second, hard time for climate skeptics.

If Trump wins the GOP nomination (likely), and the resulting Democratic landslide takes down the GOP’s Senate and House majorities with him (possible) — expect Congressional “investigative” hearings of skeptics.

What if there is severe damage from extreme weather (blamed, of course, on CO2 emissions)? For example, if two cities on the east coasts of Asia or America are hit by large hurricanes — with massive damage and large loss of life. … The public uproar might be like nothing we’ve seen since the 1950s, when the unexpected and astonishing Soviet atomic blasts and the fall of China to the red commies led to mass hysteria, “witch hunts” of suspected communists, and loyalty oaths.

The Left is eager to start. They talk about banning them from the news media and suing them. In their fantasies (occasionally displayed to the public) they imagine killing them.

Vengeful Leftists leading an angry public is a combination to fear. Prominent skeptics might be harassed and demonized on a scale far greater than anything seen in generations. “Lukewarmers” might be grilled — “were you ever a skeptic or associated with skeptics?”

Nuh. Two recent discoveries:  The climate models are wrong because a whole class of feedbacks was overlooked due to a blind spot in climate architecture, and it is likely that the Sun will usher in global cooling soon.

Ted Cruz dodges question about whether he’s ‘always been faithful’ to his wife

Ted Cruz dodges question about whether he’s ‘always been faithful’ to his wife. This is significant in light of the National Enquirer story of multiple Ted Cruz affairs, and Cruz’s strong denial (“These smears are completely false”).

UPDATE: Interesting interview with Roger Stone, Trump’s friend alleged to have planted the story with the National Enquirer. “Why would I leave a big old thumbprint if I was trying to do something surreptitious? This story, as the actual story says, came from private detectives who were working for a presidential candidate who was not Donald Trump. And I believe that the campaign in question was most likely that of Marco Rubio… I never planted anything in the National Enquirer. I never discussed this with Donald, nor with his campaign. So it’s entirely unfair. .. I think I was a convenient scapegoat. I understand the game. Ted’s trying to deflect from his own potential culpability here by blaming the whole thing on Trump. And, look, I’m a brand name when it comes to dirty tricks. He called me a henchman, and I don’t really object to that, but henchmen get paid, and I have been paid nothing by Trump.”

The Politically Correct version of Domestic Violence

The Politically Correct version of Domestic Violence. Bettine Arndt writes:

“Family violence is the leading contributor to death, injury and disability in Victorian women,” reads the leading statistic in a ­report on a Family Violence Index released under her name last year.

As I pointed out last year in an article on dodgy domestic violence statistics (“Silent Victims”), this claim is totally wrong. Our best source of data on the subject, from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, shows the top five causes of death, disability and illness combined for Australian women aged 15-44 are anxiety and depression, migraine, type-2 diabetes, asthma and schizophrenia.

Domestic violence doesn’t even make the list.

Yet the same false statistic is endlessly trotted out by politicians, including Andrews on this week’s Australian Story. All of the key government bodies working on domestic violence and media sources such as the ABC have been ­presented with evidence they are using a wrong, misleading statistic — a truth they choose to ignore.

She also notes that

The ABC’s Australian Story this week … It’s hard to imagine a more striking illustration of our ­society’s ­determination to focus only on aggression by men and whitewash the role of women in family ­violence. …

More than 1700 articles in peer-reviewed journals conclude domestic violence is not a gender issue; both women and men are actively involved in most violence in the home; women often initiate ­violence, and it isn’t simply self-­defence.

…most children growing up in ­violent homes are cowering not just from their fathers, but their mothers as well — all available Australian data clearly shows women are the major abusers of children.

Calling the ALA an anti-Islam party demonstrates complete ignorance of the party’s extensive policy platform

Calling the ALA an anti-Islam party demonstrates complete ignorance of the party’s extensive policy platform. Jaymez points out a prime example of self interest by the home of political correctness in Australia, the ABC:

The ABC is insisting on referring to the Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA) party as an anti-Islam party in their news bulletins and on-line coverage. See for here for example.

Perhaps it is because they don’t like the ALA’s policy on public broadcasting?

ALA policy is basically to privatize the ABC and SBS (the public broadcasters in Australia).

Clearly the ABC would be keen to see the ALA fail at elections. But they don’t disclose their conflict of interest when reporting on the ALA.

Turning to Islam, since the ABC insist on bringing it up in relation to the ALA, what is the ABC’s policy on Islam? I think we all know.

Special treatment is often demanded  by Muslims … Any political party which doesn’t have a specific policy on how to address Islamisation is out of touch, or just not being honest with themselves and the public.

Does the ABC report on the Islamic policies, or lack of them, of the Greens or other parties?

Not that you would know from listening to the ABC, but ALA policies cover a wide range of issues:

…including equality, sustainability, environment, energy, citizenship, separation of Commonwealth and States, health, aged care, education, freedom of speech and the media, trade, jobs, foreign affairs, defence, taxation, the constitution, abortion, euthanasia, transport, and agriculture

Calling the ALA an anti-Islam party is about as accurate as calling Labor an anti-business party, the Liberals an anti-union party, the Greens an anti-industry party, or the Palmer Party an anti-Abbott party.


FBI Investigating Reports Of 17 Men Chanting, Firing Off Shots In Apple Valley near LA

FBI Investigating Reports Of 17 Men Chanting, Firing Off Hundreds of Shots In Apple Valley near Los Angeles. Police radio described “a large group of subjects wearing turbans and chanting” and “they were up all night chanting ‘Allah akbar’-type stuff.” The FBI detained the men – reportedly all of Middle Eastern descent — then later released them because they had no outstanding warrants or criminal histories and no crime had been committed.