Political correctness gone mad on campus

Political correctness gone mad on campus, by Clarissa Bye. The Institute of Public Affairs says PC is stifling free speech on Australian university campuses and student’s hurt feelings are being prioritized over academic debate. Matthew Lesh said:

Students are being persecuted over their political views, while growing policy guidelines on “acceptable” speech are curtailing academic freedoms

We have policies that now forbid sarcasm and making people feel “uncomfortable. We need to have a public debate about this.

Universities depend on free and open intellectual debate. It is impossible to develop and discuss ideas in an atmosphere where certain concepts are restricted.

[A]n attempt to set up a men’s shed group at Sydney University was blocked as “too masculine” — but allowed to go ahead after they appointed a Queer Officer, a Women’s Officer and an Ethno Culture Officer. … There was a women’s space and a queer space … men have a high suicide rates and there’s not necessarily anywhere on campus where we can access resources informally.


Keven Donnelly at the Daily Telegraph opines:

Any curriculum that defends Western political and legal systems and way of life is attacked on the [University of Sydney’s Religion State and ­Society Research] Network’s website for replicating and reinforcing what is described as “the socially constructed concept of whiteness”. …

Ah, our civilizational rivals want us to just commit suicide already:

The network, in part ­funded by the Australian and Malaysia Institute and Council of Australian Arab Relations and associated with Muslim-majority states and the Muslim diaspora, calls on Australian universities “to dismantle the white curriculum” and to “criticise the ­reproduction of whiteness”.

What, so we can be like Saudi Arabia? Muslim clerics would soon make a few changes to the lifestyles of the PC.

The re-emergence of the political correctness movement on university and college campuses in Australia, America and Britain provides further examples of the cultural left’s antipathy to Western culture and its tendency to rewrite history.

See the earlier furore over university guidelines around indigenous history.