The Politically Correct version of Domestic Violence

The Politically Correct version of Domestic Violence. Bettine Arndt writes:

“Family violence is the leading contributor to death, injury and disability in Victorian women,” reads the leading statistic in a ­report on a Family Violence Index released under her name last year.

As I pointed out last year in an article on dodgy domestic violence statistics (“Silent Victims”), this claim is totally wrong. Our best source of data on the subject, from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, shows the top five causes of death, disability and illness combined for Australian women aged 15-44 are anxiety and depression, migraine, type-2 diabetes, asthma and schizophrenia.

Domestic violence doesn’t even make the list.

Yet the same false statistic is endlessly trotted out by politicians, including Andrews on this week’s Australian Story. All of the key government bodies working on domestic violence and media sources such as the ABC have been ­presented with evidence they are using a wrong, misleading statistic — a truth they choose to ignore.

She also notes that

The ABC’s Australian Story this week … It’s hard to imagine a more striking illustration of our ­society’s ­determination to focus only on aggression by men and whitewash the role of women in family ­violence. …

More than 1700 articles in peer-reviewed journals conclude domestic violence is not a gender issue; both women and men are actively involved in most violence in the home; women often initiate ­violence, and it isn’t simply self-­defence.

…most children growing up in ­violent homes are cowering not just from their fathers, but their mothers as well — all available Australian data clearly shows women are the major abusers of children.