Kyle tees off about ‘bulls***’ university guidelines around indigenous history

Kyle tees off about ‘bulls***’ university guidelines around indigenous history. Radio heavyweight Kyle Sandilands has let loose on university “wankers” trying to “rewrite history” over news university students will be taught Australia was “invaded” rather than settled. The university guidelines, called “the diversity toolkit,” mandate what you can and cannot say in PC circles — aborigines should be called “indigenous Australian people”, it is  “offensive” to suggest Captain Cook “discovered” Australia, and Australian history should be broken into four periods: indigenous, pre-invasion, invasion and post-invasion history. Conservative commentator Alan Jones didn’t get with the program:

This rubbish toolkit devised by the University of New South Wales represents anti-intellectualism and political correctness at its worst.

A spokeswoman for UNSW said the toolkit had been welcomed by university staff.

UPDATE: The guidelines claim the word settlement ignores the reality of indigenous lands “being stolen”. It says “Australia was not settled peacefully, it was invaded, occupied and colonised.” The guidelines are prescribed reading for some undergraduate students. The accepted historical period of 40,000 years is rejected because it “puts a limit on the occupation of Australia and tends to lend support to migration theories and anthropological assumptions.”

UPDATE: University tells students Britain ‘invaded’ Australia.

The guide also lists words such as “primitive”, “simple”, “native” and “prehistoric” as less appropriate than “complex and diverse societies”. ….

Use of a term such as “nomadic” is discouraged on the grounds that it implies Indigenous Australians were not permanently settled, supporting the doctrine of terra nullius that English settlers used to justify occupying land in Australia. …

Conservative radio host Alan Jones said: “One student might well argue in favour of invasion and another in favour of settlement. The argument should be judged on its quality. But prejudice and political correctness are anathema to genuine scholarship and learning.”

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