Imagine the horrific fate of the losers after the climate policy debate ends

Imagine the horrific fate of the losers after the climate policy debate ends. Fabius Maximus speculates on the two extreme scenarios:

First, hard times for climate scientists.

Climate scientists have staked the reputation of their field on an increased occurrence of extreme weather during the next few years. … As a result Leftists frequently speak casually of our certain doom.

What do you call a climate scientist? Waiter!

Second, hard time for climate skeptics.

If Trump wins the GOP nomination (likely), and the resulting Democratic landslide takes down the GOP’s Senate and House majorities with him (possible) — expect Congressional “investigative” hearings of skeptics.

What if there is severe damage from extreme weather (blamed, of course, on CO2 emissions)? For example, if two cities on the east coasts of Asia or America are hit by large hurricanes — with massive damage and large loss of life. … The public uproar might be like nothing we’ve seen since the 1950s, when the unexpected and astonishing Soviet atomic blasts and the fall of China to the red commies led to mass hysteria, “witch hunts” of suspected communists, and loyalty oaths.

The Left is eager to start. They talk about banning them from the news media and suing them. In their fantasies (occasionally displayed to the public) they imagine killing them.

Vengeful Leftists leading an angry public is a combination to fear. Prominent skeptics might be harassed and demonized on a scale far greater than anything seen in generations. “Lukewarmers” might be grilled — “were you ever a skeptic or associated with skeptics?”

Nuh. Two recent discoveries:  The climate models are wrong because a whole class of feedbacks was overlooked due to a blind spot in climate architecture, and it is likely that the Sun will usher in global cooling soon.