Jihad in Brussels: “there is no moderate Islam. Islam is Islam”

Jihad in Brussels: “There is no moderate Islam. Islam is Islam”, by Judith Bergman. The Western narrative represents a complete refusal to examine the doctrines of Islam, out of fear of offending Muslims. One crucial aspect of sharia that the West refuses to acknowledge is the injunction to perform jihad, both violent and non-violent. She quotes an anthropologist to make the obvious point, that political correctness is enforced by social and economic exclusion of non-conformists:

“[T]he most important factor is Belgium’s culture of denial… Observers who point to unpleasant truths such as the high incidence of crime among Moroccan youth and violent tendencies in radical Islam are accused of being propagandists of the extreme-right, and are subsequently ignored and ostracized.” — Teun Voten, a Dutch cultural anthropologist who lived in a Muslim area of Brussels between 2005 and 2014.

Yet PC clashes with reality, with predictable results:

It is Europe’s immunity to facts that has led directly to the current state of utter chaos in European security matters.

Even Turkey’s President contradicts the Western political elite’s wishful thinking about Islam:

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, also an Islamist leader, has repeatedly rejected Western attempts to portray his country as an example of “moderate Islam.” He states that such a concept is “ugly and offensive; there is no moderate Islam. Islam is Islam.”

Hmmm, think he might know what he is talking about? But of course our ultra clever and self-congratulatory political elite know better:

The infantile refusal of many [western] government leaders to face the hard facts about the nature of Islam’s tenets, as opposed to indulging in fanciful utopian fantasies, will not change the plans of jihadists; it will only embolden them.