Islam is at War with Us; the Terrorists are following Islam to the Letter

Islam is at War with Us; the Terrorists are following Islam to the Letter, by Debbie Robinson, President of the Australian Liberty Alliance and Senate Candidate for Western Australia.

If you aren’t sure which way to vote in the upcoming Australian Federal election, you could do worse than consider the Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA). As shown here by Robinson’s article, they really get our problems of political correctness and Islam, and seem determined to do something about them:

Following the recent murderous events in Brussels, it’s time we realised Australia is facing a clear and present danger. Our political leaders and intelligentsia are committing a serious disservice to the people of this country by ignoring reality and refusing to acknowledge there is a problem with Islam. …

Islam drives Islamic State, Boko Haram, Al­Qaeda, Al Shabab, the Taliban, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Hamas, Jamaat­e­Islami, the jihadists who flock to Syria from Australia, and those recently arrested for plotting terrorist attacks on our home soil. They are not following a perverse or misinterpreted version of Islam. They are following Islam to the letter.

Our leaders would like us to believe otherwise.  … Malcolm Turnbull’s new assistant minister for multiculturalism Craig Laundy said the vast majority of inflammatory opinions about Islam and Muslims came from people who were “not well informed” and that their views were “wrong”.

No Craig, on the contrary, as this article and the Wentworth Report detail, it is you who are not well informed and wrong.

Islam is anathema to everything Western civilization stands for. Regardless of what Mr Turnbull said, Islam is not compatible with freedom, democracy, or the rule of law. …

The last words heard by the passengers on American Airlines flight 11 before being steered into the Twin Towers in September 2001 were delivered by Mohamed Atta, the Al Qaeda hijacker, who said: “Stay quiet and you will be ok….”