Islamist ideology poses a threat to other faiths

Islamist ideology poses a threat to other faiths. It’s so obvious that even the PC media is starting to sit up and take notice. From today’s editorial in The Australian, the least left of the major Australian media:

The Pope celebrated Easter by washing the feet of Muslims and praying for peace. Islamist militants celebrated Easter by slaughtering Christians. Jihadist groups state openly their mission is to destroy Christianity, but Barack Obama refuses to acknowledge that Islamism is a political ideology rooted in violent theology.

Western counter-terrorism strategy commonly reflects Obama’s false distinction between Islamist terrorism and Koranic fundamentalism. To prevent further violence against innocent citizens, world leaders must adapt to the mounting evidence that religious fundamentalism is driving jihadism.

Now, if they could just connect anti-Christian and anti-western attitudes to what they have printed in their own newspaper over the last two decades:

In its annual report, Open Doors USA reported 2015 as the worst year on record for anti-Christian hate crime and persecution. … the forms of Christian persecution common to communist and Islamist states are taking root in the West.

Church burning and the suppression of holy festivities are hallmarks of international Christian persecution. During the past year, several churches were set alight in Victoria, including a spate over the 2015 Easter period. The Left media blamed the church burnings on anti-pedophile sentiment without official evidence to substantiate it. Also in Victoria, the Labor government banned “praise music” in schools, effectively ending the tradition of hymns and Christmas carols. The school curriculum has become less inclusive of Christianity, omitting its foundational role in Western civilisation and the Australian nation.

So, is The Australian newspaper mending its ways? Is the zeitgeist changing?