A Stolen Europe

A Stolen Europe, by The Saker. This is self-confessed rant by a fifty-year old Swiss about the Europe that he says was stolen from him twice over, once by the EU project and once by too much immigration. Many interesting points, much of it non-PC, including:

I submit that none of the Magbrebians [the Maghreb is north-west Africa, aka “the Barbary Coast”] or Africans could be really integrated into a profoundly West European society. But, and this is crucial, the Muslims, and here I mean the really religious and pious Muslims, were always respectful of the law and excellent neighbors. I know what I am talking about as I lived right next door to a big mosque myself, for decades, and that I know for a fact that mosque-attending Muslims are extremely courteous (more so than the locals, in fact) and that they are very careful about showing a refined, educated and proper image of Islam in front of non-Muslims.

The real plague were the 2nd generation kids who were neither Europeans nor Muslims. Now those, especially the Algerians, accounted for the vast majority of crime and they were truly a horror to put up with: arrogant, loud, uneducated and very aggressive. These Maghrebians typically would mix with 2nd generation Black Africans and form the core of almost all the gangs of criminal thugs roaming around. And none of them, zero, were Muslims in any sense of the word, not religious not cultural. Again, I speak of long and personal experience, so please don’t come tell me that I don’t know Europe or Islam, because I do, very well in fact.


…while I weep over the Europe of my youth, I absolutely loathe the Europe of the European Union. …

London now looks like Karachi, Paris like Ouagadougou, Rome like Târgu-Mures. This is absolutely disgusting, revolting and suicidal. To say so has absolutely nothing to do with racism and only a person totally devoid from any real cultural roots can misinterpret the horror of those who see their cities and cultural roots being smashed by waves of non-integratable immigrants as a form of racism.

Who does he blame?

The worst part of it all is that both the Right and the Left are equally responsible for this state of affairs.