Feminist picnic falls apart after no-one makes any sandwiches

Feminist picnic falls apart after no-one makes any sandwiches, by David Marrs. “The picnic was supposed to celebrate the capabilities of women in a safe, women-only environment, but things didn’t quite go as planned. … Seven feminist friends were in for a big surprise when none of them brought any food at all.” Picnic organizer Rachel Queen “ended up storming off and shame eating three Big Macs from the nearest McDonalds”. “The other six women refused to accept the responsibility though, each loudly proclaiming that making sandwiches wasn’t a job exclusively for women. They all managed to turn the blame for the gigantic cock up onto men.”

Of course, these very same PC people will be first in line for media and bureaucracy jobs because they are so right-on PC. So don’t laugh, they will be running our lives for us and telling us what to think.