Beinart: To Keep Muslims Already Here from Wanting to Kill Us, We Must Import Lots More Muslims

Beinart: To Keep Muslims Already Here from Wanting to Kill Us, We Must Import Lots More Muslims. Steve Sailer critiques an article in that establishment (PC) magazine The Atlantic, What Trump and Cruz Should Learn From Belgium, in which Peter Beinart essentially says that angering Muslims in the US by banning Muslim immigration will encourage them not to assimilate and thus to misbehave (such as by killing Americans). Naturally Beinart has only scorn for non-PC Republicans such as Trump and Cruz, whom he finds “idiotic.” Observes Sailer:

This is the kind of logic that gets 2nd graders beat up by bullies. You’re getting punched by a bully, and it occurs to you to strike back, but then you worry that that would make your tormenter really mad.

Eventually, most schoolchildren grow out of this conceptual trap, but not the American establishment when it comes to immigration policy.

Commenter Jenner Ickham Errican adds:

Just what we need: Hair of the dog that bit our face off.

And commenter This is Our Home says:

Just wait until the Muslims in Belgium have enough in numbers to compete as Muslims at the ballot box. Basically modern society has institutionalized conflict so well into the rigors of democracy that everything keeps going, but in twenty years the results of democracy will no longer be anchored in the native majority. At that point democracy becomes an existential struggle and that means war.

Commenter Hubbub notes:

I suggest it’s the Muslims who have not made an effort to assimilate, not the Europeans. Why does anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of Islam expect that Muslims, a select nation among nations, would assimilate given that their philosophy is exclusiveness? I know this, you know this; why can’t Merkel, Obama, Kerry, Hollande, Clinton, etc., understand this simple principle? It must be malicious ignorance, a profound will to disbelieve.