Are We Ready for Reality after the Brussels Terror Attacks?

Are We Ready for Reality after the Brussels Terror Attacks? by Roger L. Simon.

Are progressives going to murder our children with their political correctness?

… our progressive and liberal friends…refuse to name radical Islam as the perpetrator of the attacks.

Political correctness runs amok:

We live in a culture where someone threw a punch at a Donald Trump rally … and our media goes into a dither. Then they warn us about Islamophobia … in the wake of mass murder in the name of Allah.

Western civilization is on a suicide run and we all get to watch.

This author has had enough:

Most of us are familiar with the medieval depredations of Sharia law: the misogyny, the homophobia, etc.

Our liberal and progressive friends, you would think, would be the ones most upset about this extreme sexism. But instead, living in the free-floating world of moral narcissism and political correctness, they warn us of bias and preach cultural relativism.

Sorry, I have had enough of lectures from the ignorant.

His solution:

The time has come for a worldwide crusade to reform Islam completely. That means shaming the Islamic world until they rewrite their books and change their fascistic doctrine to be in concert with modernity. And if they refuse, they must be completely ostracized, their societies shut to the West, our economic system and technology made unavailable to them. (And, yes, that means no more halal dining at Harvard.)