The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire, by Bob Moriarty, infamous for flying under the Eiffel Tower in 1984 (video below).

[T]his election cycle marks an important turning point.

I’m not a Trump fan….The extent to which our political process has been utterly overthrown all on behalf of making sure Trump doesn’t become president should terrify the average citizen. For the first time it’s obvious that the “protestors” at Trump rallies are paid agitators. They didn’t just show up to bitch. They got paid and there is big money behind them. …

Clinton is both a liar and a criminal. Either Hillary gets indicted or she does not. If she does not, it is an admission by the government that the entire government of the United States is no more than a criminal gang out for their own interests. It means there is no rule of law. If she does get indicted, there is a real chance that Obama will grant her and her gang a mass pardon. If in fact that occurs, it will mean there is no rule of law and our government is run by a criminal gang.

If Hillary is granted a pardon, look for a mass resignation of the top level of the FBI down to any agent who feels that the laws apply to everyone. And a few days later they will fill in the world with all of the crimes they uncovered.