News Limited silencing Australian Liberty Alliance

News Limited silencing Australian Liberty Alliance. News Limited Australia agreed to run online advertisements for the ALA, and was paid, but, after meetings at the ‘highest levels of management’, declined to run the ads because “It does not fit with our brand.” Explained in this video by ALA candidate Debbie Robinson.

News Ltd worldwide also never publishes anything that contradicts the carbon dioxide theory of global warming. There is ample climate data to show the theory is sorely lacking, but that data is never described or published — a few pertinent graphs, or photos of dodgy thermometers used to measure “global” warming, would go a long way to dispelling the nonsense. There are only a handful of major media groups in the US, of which News (which owns Fox) is the least PC: the others will not contradict the carbon dioxide theory until glaciers bear down on New York.

Hmmm, carbon dioxide and now Muslims: criticism “does not fit with our brand.”