Homophobia claims by same-sex marriage advocates are bullying

Homophobia claims by same-sex marriage advocates are bullying, by Gary Johns. The “mardi gras crowd has a darker side”: calls to disendorse George Christensen MP for his opposition to the Safe Schools program, the Archbishop of Hobart was hauled before the Tasmanian anti-­discrimination commission to justify his view on marriage, booked and paid for tv advertisements by the Marriage Alliance were pulled by Channels 7 and 10 with no reason given, the media ignores calls by 47 indigenous leaders saying marriage is sacred, and the list goes on.

[M]arriage is a “hetero-­normal” cultural construct based on biology.

Calling opposition to same-sex marriage “homophobic” is bullying. The gay community should ­restore dignity to the plebiscite campaign. If not, a backlash waits.

In modern Australia you get punished for going against PC. We have to stand up and push back, whereupon there bullies will slink back into the darkness like bullies always do. Have courage to confront the bullies.