Beyond surveillance: what could happen if Apple loses to the FBI

Beyond surveillance: what could happen if Apple loses to the FBI, by Danny Yadron. If Apple loses, we won’t trust gadgets:

The year is 2026. You get in your new Tesla for a milk run. You place your fingertip on the door handle, the door unlocks, and the car knows it’s you as you step inside because it read your fingerprint.

The car, on its own, pulls out of the garage while you scroll through live streams broadcast by your friends on whatever app has succeeded Instagram.

The doors lock. The car passes the convenience store and its dairy aisle. Instead, it makes two lefts then a right before pulling up to the local police station. The cops are waiting outside. They got a judge to make Tesla update your car’s self-driving software to lock the doors and deliver you to the local precinct. You looked like a guy caught on surveillance camera and the police had a few questions.

Oh dear. Is the government there to serve individuals, or has it become our master? Bruce Bethke:

Does your water meter report you to the local public utilities commission if you’re illegally watering your lawn on a Tuesday? It will. Does your cellphone call your health insurance provider if its GPS coordinates indicate you’ve just entered a tobacco shop? It will. Does your toilet report you to your doctor when you’re not getting enough fiber in your diet? It will.