US EPA Putting Red Light on Amateur Car Racing

CLASS WARFARE: EPA Putting Red Light on Amateur Car Racing. The US Environmental Protection Agency is threatening to regulate emissions on non-road racing vehicles, which would dent or halt amateur car racing in the USA.

Notice the chain of events. Decades ago, climate scientists made a mistake in their basic climate sensitivity model, omitting  the feedbacks that in reality render increasing carbon dioxide mostly harmless. Starting in the mid-1970s,  the enviros and big-government political types leaped on the apparent threat of global warming to urge for worldwide regulations on carbon dioxide emissions, an ambit claim for control over nearly over all energy use worldwide.

The remainder of the political establishment is either stupid or sympathetic, and allows them to create a world movement involving the UN to bring in such regulations, despite endless climate data showing that the models were wrong. The press is on-side, so said exculpatory data is ignored and the people who point to it are discredited.

Now for the payoff: the fun for the new ruling class begins. The environs can now punish their class enemies, like amateur car racers, with their carbon dioxide regulations. Boom tish.