Shades of revolution in wanton destruction

MORE LEFTY VIOLENCE IN AUSTRALIA. Shades of revolution in wanton destruction, by Miranda Devine.

WE saw the true colours of Safe School activists on Friday when they burst into Senator Cory Bernardi’s Adelaide electorate office.

Chanting that he was a homophobe, racist and sexist, they trampled his garden, broke his fence and terrorised his wife and staff, who had to retreat to a back room while the young protesters set about trashing his office with such forensic zeal that you wonder at the ­hatred driving them.

They scrawled “Resign Homophobe” on the walls, up-ended furniture and tore up every bit of paper they could find.

It was frightening jackboot theatre, stormtroopers oppressing the latest persecuted minority: the social conservative willing to admit it ­publicly. …

Yet Bill Shorten and his minions are still damning Bernardi, backbencher George Christensen and the 43 Coalition MPs who stood up against Safe Schools as “homophobes”, fringe extremists and “knuckle-dragging Right-wing Liberals”, while failing to condemn the attack on Bernardi’s office.

What else could the message possibly be? If you don’t do as the “progressive, tolerant, and more-compassionate-than-you” left want, you get beaten up, both by stormtroopers on the ground and the white collars in politics and the media.