More social engineering in Australian schools

More social engineering in Australian schools. Domestic violence prevention lessons begin in NSW classrooms this week.

This ABC article argues for adding domestic violence awareness to the curriculum in the usual breathless “progressive” manner that leaves the naïve reader wondering “why wasn’t this done before?” No mention of any drawbacks or qualms. For instance, what is going to be given less time at school as a result? What moral lessons are being taught, do parents approve, and is this the government’s role? The ABC’s role as a PC promoter of big government is clearly at work.

As pointed out in an earlier post on the Wentworth Report, somewhere around 40% of the victims of domestic violence are male. Yet on the webpage of this ABC article there are six links with pictures and text that imply that women are the victims, and none that imply that any are men. Can we assume that the government will be teaching our children a feminist and unreal version that promotes an anti-male political agenda?