Latest Survey Finds 25% of French Teenagers Are Muslims

Latest Survey Finds 25% of French Teenagers Are Muslims, by Michael Gurfinkiel.

One of the most striking cases of reality denial in contemporary France is demography: issues like birthrate, life expectancy, immigration, and emigration. One way for the elites to deny demographics was to reject ethnic-related investigation on legal or ethical grounds.

But a survey in February 2016 bypassed the demographic deniers by asking instead about religious beliefs: of 9,000 high school pupils, 25.5% call themselves Muslims, and 83% of those people describe religion as “something important or very important”.

If a quarter of French teenagers in 2016 are Muslim, and Muslims have a much higher birthrate than non-Muslim French, how long before the majority of French are Muslim? 30 years perhaps? Will Arabic then become the national language of France? How many Jews will there be in France? In Europe? Will Christians be permitted? For how long?