In Denmark, 84 per cent of welfare recipients are “non-western immigrants”

In Denmark, 84 per cent of welfare recipients are “non-western immigrants,” by Oliver JJ Lane.

This is virtue signaling gone mad. The recipients of this largess have given the Danes nothing, and many will never even try to fit in or reciprocate — except maybe to turn Denmark into an Islamic or third world paradise.

As in so much of the western world, those in the PC elites are in a competition with each other to demonstrate the most “compassion.” But what makes their gratuitous display of giving truly sick is that it is mainly not their own treasure and lives that are being sacrificed, but other people’s — the same “other people”, fellow taxpayers and citizens of their country, whom they hold in contempt as racist “low information” bitter clingers. Erck.

Mass welfare only started last century, as an insurance scheme, a deal to temporarily look after those who fell on hard times. Giving it to Muslim immigrants, whose religion is incompatible with western values and who too often preach subjugation or death for non-Muslims, is insane — but politically correct.

Of all totally dependent families in Denmark, married couples where both partners are on social assistance — state benefits — some 84 per cent are “non-Western origin” migrants. In total, a third of all cash paid out in benefits every month goes to these non-Western migrants in Denmark, according to the latest figures obtained by Ekstra Bladet. …

Specialist job centre chief Eskild Dahl, who remarked at the end of his tender at the facility that he had spent “an awful lot of money to virtually no effect” in trying to get migrants into work. …

It is the unusually frank bookkeeping practised by the Danish government that allows these statistics about worklessness in migrant communities to be reported.