18 Real Things Donald Trump Has Actually Said About Women

18 Real Things Donald Trump Has Actually Said About Women, by  Nina Bahadur. This article is on a very PC website, and is clearly intended to warn people off Trump. In PC world, these things Trump says are heresies, which therefore proves he is beyond the pale.

But it looks to me like it will be seen by some as a list of “Why Trump is Cool”. Much of what he says is based on the reality of two different human sexes, with their different aims and outlooks.

Do Women Find Donald Trump Attractive? Slate is a PC publication also, yet:

Middle-aged women claw past each other, cameras thrust toward the figure onstage, faces contorted in ecstasy, or maybe in pain, as their bodies are crushed in the surging crowd. They are not at the concert of some mom-friendly pop star, some Michael Bublé or Enrique Iglesias. They are at a political rally, and the man staring down on them is Donald Trump. …

Certainly, plenty of women are voting for him—he won the Nevada Republican primary with the support of 45 percent of women polled, while Marco Rubio drew 27 percent and Ted Cruz 18 percent. …

[S]ome women even like The Donald’s unrepentant sexism, or as they describe it, the way “he’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind.” But this photo suggests an infatuation of a more personal nature. Are some women sexually attracted to Trump?

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