Projecting Recent Political Violence in the USA

Projecting Recent Political Violence in the USA. Great observation by Steve Sailer:

One of the biggest changes in trend going back to 2013 has been the rise of politicized racial violence in the streets, beginning with the various riots after George Zimmerman was acquitted, through the twin Ferguson riots, and then the Baltimore conflagration. (All of this has been encouraged by the Obama Administration and the mainstream media via the Narrative of white violence against blacks.)

While we’re not supposed to articulate this trend, it’s obvious enough to thus encourage massive projection of it onto Trump supporters. Thus, the mob action in Chicago on Friday and the one-man attack on Trump in Dayton on Saturday are example of “violence” among Trump voters. Pay no attention to the trivial details of who-whom in these cases!

The power of the media to paint white as black means that when the history of this period is rewritten by the PC crew in a few years, everyone will just know that it was the right-wing Trump forces that were the cause of the violence. Even though not a single Trump supporter has disrupted anyone’s rally.

Even if Trump is assassinated by some left wing nut job who was encouraged by media rhetoric, everyone will know how excusable this was because Trump-Hitler.

And the many establishment meetings now being held to find ways to stop Trump? Just kooky conspiracies theories. (hat-tip Harry Baldwin)

Commenter Whiskey says:

It is an attempt to delegitimize self-defense among ordinary Whites. Same as Trayvon, Ferguson, etc. The one thing Blacks have in the current setup is the ability to do as they please and make Whites look away or grovel and abase themselves. …

It is not projection because Leftists, excuse me semi-hereditary aristocrat managers, openly celebrate Black violence against BadWhites. Just ask them.

And commenter Harold:

Whenever left wing thugs attack a peaceful nationalist march the European media reports ‘violence erupts at far-right rally’.