China Warns USA about Trump

China Warns USA about Trump. The view of the communist Chinese Government:

At the beginning of the election, Trump, a rich, narcissist and inflammatory candidate, was only treated as an underdog. His job was basically to act as a clown to attract more voters’ attention to the GOP. …

Big-mouthed, anti-traditional, abusively forthright, he is a perfect populist that could easily provoke the public. Despite candidates’ promises, Americans know elections cannot really change their lives. Then, why not support Trump and vent their spleen?

It appears they are using the PC meaning of “racist”, as someone who is irritatingly not-PC:

The rise of a racist in the US political arena worries the whole world.

Oow wah democracy:

Usually, the tempo of the evolution of US politics can be predicted, while Trump’s ascent indicates all possibilities and unpredictability.

And the warning:

The US had better watch itself for not being a source of destructive forces against world peace, more than pointing fingers at other countries for their so-called nationalism and tyranny.