Trump, Property Rights, and the Chicago Rally

Trump, Property Rights, and the Chicago Rally. Karl Denninger makes some interesting points. The Chicago rally was going to take place on private property that was, for that time period, rented or owned by Mr. Trump. He has the legal right to peaceful enjoyment of said property and intentional violation of same is the crime of trespass. It’s like renting a house or hotel room — unwanted guests are gate-crashers, and guests who misbehave can be asked to leave.

The protesters in Chicago … trespassed, and had they committed their act of disruption if the event had gone on they would have committed further offenses.

These offenses need to be prosecuted as the violation of the rights of not only the person who owns that property during that period of time (in this case Trump) but also the rights of everyone else who was there for the announced purpose.

Also, Facebook are complicit in organizing the trespass. Karl Denninger points out that it is a federal offense to disrupt any activity that occurs in any place cordoned off or otherwise checked for entry where a person protected by the Secret Service. Facebook reviewed the call to trespass, with clear declaration of intent to break the law, and “found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards”. Trump can sue them.