Defending Boys in a “Girl Power” Age

Defending Boys in a “Girl Power” Age, by Heather Wilhelm.

Unfortunately, in its earnest quest for female empowerment, America—never quite good at moderation, and always quite good at fighting the last battle—is quietly and methodically marginalizing boys. Every day, through various media campaigns, America’s boys absorb countless messages that girls can do anything—and that they deserve our unending attention and adoration.

When it comes to boys, however, the cacophony of “dream big” media encouragement falls oddly silent. …

If strength really has no gender, why are we obsessively promoting one gender, over and over and over again? Sadly, many of America’s “empowerment” warriors, woefully stuck in the past, can’t quite seem to promote a message of true inclusiveness.

Ever noticed that only men are the butt of jokes in advertisements and on television? Generally because of some moral failing or general stupidity, and always white heterosexual cis-gender men. Been that way all my life. What harm is coming from this political correctness? Are boys being demotivated, having more problems in school, not going to university so much, not working so hard, not marrying so much? These are NOT problems, I hear the usual suspect say. But imagine the whinging from them if women were the butt of some jokes.