Credible warning of violent rampage in Melbourne’s CBD brushed off by Victoria Police

A credible warning that a violent rampage in Melbourne’s CBD was brewing was brushed off by senior Victoria Police officers just hours before Saturday night’s riot.

Fairfax Media has also been told that operators in the Triple-0 centre were provided with information at 6pm on Saturday evening that a huge confrontation in the CBD was imminent, but their alert was dismissed as “s–t” by senior officers.

Interestingly, unlike their earlier report, in this article The Age this times mentions that the Apex gang are Sudanese, but not that they are (sons of) refugees:

Members of the Apex gang, who are predominantly of South Sudanese descent, and members of the Islander 23 gang clashed in Federation Square and along Swanston Street, where families were celebrating Melbourne’s Moomba festival. …

Saturday’s violence saw just six officers try to control up to 200 rioters.

Naturally it’s not the rank-and-file police who are concealing the relevant information, but their PC-appointed higher-ups:

On Sunday night, Victoria Police circulated an email to members warning them against talking about the nationalities of offenders.

Nationalities? Aren’t they all Australian now?

Perhaps we need to return to that old style of policing where there’s one police station per suburb/village/big block, and they constantly patrol the area, get to know the locals, and get fired if the locals aren’t happy with them.

hat-tip Matthew