Church of the Politically Correct

PC CHURCH: Some Anglicans are being urged to “fast from carbon” during Lent by having candlelit dinners, going plastic-free and banning bottled water, with an anti-carbon prayer on the Green Anglicans Facebook. Former Melbourne Anglican priest Fr James Grant has slammed some churches for pushing issues from supporting former jihadist David Hicks, to eating dolphin-friendly tuna, and crit­icism of refugee policy.

Churches hold lessons for asylum seeker protesters, training in non-violent “anti-deportation measures.” Sanctuary is an ancient Christian tradition that gave churches power to offer protection to the vulnerable.

Lots of these “liberal churches” don’t really believe in the Bible, and end up supporting lefty ideas hoping to get relevance:

Does the future have a church? “Projecting this trend leaves us with an expectation that liberal and broad churches are likely to completely disintegrate within the next 10-20 years, and that the more traditionally protestant category will become the largest sector overall.”


hat-tip Matthew