German anti-immigration party performs better than polls predicted

German anti-immigration party performs better than polls predicted. The Alternative for Germany (AfD) surged into three state assemblies with scores that would have been unthinkable only a year ago, scoring 25%, 15% and 12% in three states.

Exit polls showed that the AfD drew most of their support from people who previously hadn’t voted for a party, but they also drew thousands of voters from Merkel’s conservatives, particularly in Baden-Wuerttemberg. All of Germany’s other parties have ruled out forming coalitions with the AfD.

“I did not vote AfD because I expect them to govern,” said Thorsten, a 48-year-old sales manager who declined to give his family name saying he fears his employer could fire him. “I voted AfD to protest the federal government’s policies.”

Merkel and the elite are losing popularity fast, even though the elite’s opinion-making apparatus is demonizing the AfD.