The EU is on a suicide mission. Do we want to be a part of it?

The EU is on a suicide mission. Do we want to be a part of it? by Douglas Murray.

But [the UK] should pity most of the other European countries, because they are losing control not just of their borders but of their civilisation and culture — the whole caboodle. …

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s first justification … lay in the minority of arrivals fleeing Syria. But as a far larger number of economic migrants arrived … instead it became a wonderful opportunity for an ‘ageing continent’ to acquire a new influx of workers. Almost nobody asks why this position was adopted at a time when youth unemployment rates in much of Europe are hovering around 50 per cent. But today even the European Commission admits that most of the people who came to Europe last year should not be here. …

Now futile second thoughts are everywhere. Even Sweden, the self-proclaimed ‘humanitarian superpower’ [and new rape capital of the world], has been doing some thinking. The country’s own interior minister, Anders Ygeman, recently admitted that of the 163,000 people to whom the country opened its arms last year, at least 80,000 might be fake asylum seekers in need of deporting.

When, exactly, will Sweden deport those people? … Even when Sweden does manage to arrange a deportation notice, three-quarters of the subjects immediately disappear.

hat-tip Stephen Neil