The anti-Donald Trump mob is Making America Scary

The anti-Donald Trump mob is Making America Scary, by Freddy Gray.  Last night in Chicago, a mob of progressives shut down a Donald Trump rally.

The protestors — described as mostly young millennials — infiltrated …and set about subverting the event. They waved Mexican flags — pro-immigrant, geddit — and wore t-shirts calling Trump Hitler. There were violent clashes and a policeman was reportedly injured.

This is American politics now: juvenile, anti-liberal, menacing.

We know that Trump voters are angry. Even angrier, it seems, are those on America’s left who just cannot accept that Trump voters exist.

Apply the selective enforcement tool:

…imagine if a bunch of violent Trump fans had disrupted a Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton event. They would be called fascists, and the condemnation would be global. Politicians across the world would issue statements expressing concern.

hat-tip Stephen Neil