Multilingual Education in Primary Schools

Multilingual Education in Primary Schoolsm by Ron Unz. America’s disastrous system of Spanish-almost-only so-called “bilingual education” was dismantled first in California and then across the rest of the country, in the 1990s.

The results were so overwhelmingly compelling, both educationally and politically, that the “English Wars” successfully concluded over a decade ago, with the failed programs largely disappearing from the schools and the very term itself almost entirely vanishing from the lexicon of the national media.

These days, it is naturally assumed by everyone that young immigrant children will easily learn English within a few months of starting school, and many millions have successfully done so, with enormous consequences for the future of American society. The entire controversy has been long forgotten by almost everyone.

Is the Republican Party Just Too Stupid to Survive? As Ron Unz describes, the Republicans are trying to reintroduce Spanish-almost-only instruction throughout California public schools in a ballot in 2016. In English and Meritocracy: The Gullibility of Our Political and Media Elites Unz says:

The academic performance of over a million immigrant student had doubled in the four years following the implementation of intensive English immersion programs …

But if [most Latinos] discover that the local schools have suddenly stopped teaching their children English and shifted them into Spanish language classes instead, that bizarre educational change will produce a tidal wave of popular anger and outrage, threatening the gullible politicians responsible with annihilation.

Meanwhile in Australia, Roxburgh Park Primary School is proud of its warm welcome in 27 different languages. Whew, all the classes are in English.