Sexual thought police should back off

Sexual thought police should back off. The national Start Early program will be rolled out at childcare centers and kindergartens next month:

[T]oddlers reportedly will be taught about sexuality, cross-dressing, and the fluidity of gender roles, and may even take group tours of the opposite sex’s toilets. … Early Childhood Australia spokeswoman Clare McHugh: “Children are sexual beings”.

Miranda Devine asks, effectively, if your children belong to the government:

[W]hy are national programs being imposed that take away parental discretion in teaching their own children about such intimate issues? Each family is entitled to pass on its own values, at a time of its own choosing, whether they are religiously based or not.

Meanwhile Early Childhood Australia defends by assuring us that the program will NOT involve toddlers “cross dressing” — which is an irrelevant, patronizing thing to say. The complaint isn’t that children would be cross dressing, but that they were being taught abut cross dressing and other sexual issues far too early and without parental consent.