What the media missed: if not Donald Trump, it’d be another

What the media missed: if not Donald Trump, it’d be another. Maurice Newman unleashes in today’s Australian:

What the mainstream media misses is that a very large number of Americans, and especially Trump supporters, have had enough of the establishment’s political dynasties.

They reject political correctness, illegal migration and the crony capitalists who use Wall Street to make a fortune at their expense, particularly when their incomes are basically frozen. They believe the government manipulates the unemployment numbers and, as they struggle to find and hold permanent jobs, they know welfare cheats and disability fraudsters are gaming the system with impunity. They see government waste everywhere and think Obamacare is a failure. They resent President Barack Obama’s condescending lectures and his use of moral equivalence when comparing Islam to Christianity.

They are mad as hell.

Of all the candidates, Trump understands this. He is anti-establishment and someone the establishment can’t control. He says: “We are tired of being led by stupid­ people.”

Wow, think climate change. Half the population have worked out that it is not man-made, yet it’s a totemic belief in our incompetent, ideological and self-serving elites that windmills stop global warming. Newman finishes with a call for an Australian Trump:

We should ponder the likelihood of Australians empathising with their American cousins and the possibility of a Trump moment next time we go to the ballot box.