Culture Rot: Donald Trump Is the Effect, Not the Cause

Culture Rot: Donald Trump Is the Effect, Not the Cause. Interesting comment by Skiddle DeDe:

For years now Conservative Americans have played by the rules, while Liberal Democrats have run amok tearing our country down. Their agenda has been subverting our universities, our cities and towns, and our government, under the guise of care and compassion. They have raised up rebellious, ungrateful, dependent, youth, who can now be seen and identified as they protest and wreck havoc at our universities. They encourage lawlessness in their sanctuary cities, where they protect illegal aliens rather than the Americans that live here. As we watch the evidence of wrongdoing continue to mount on Hillary, we wonder, will we finally see a reckoning for the Clinton machine? You want to know why Donald Trump is popular now? It is because we have come to the point we finally understand that dirty, nasty politics is the clearest path to meaningful influence in Washington.

hat-tip Matthew