NSW Liberals call for national debates on climate change science

NSW Liberals call for national debates on climate change science, by Sean Nicholls.

The NSW Liberals have formally called on the Turnbull government to conduct public debates about climate change – including whether the science is settled….

A motion passed at the party’s state council calls on the government to “arrange and hold public debates/discussions” between scientists from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and “independent climate scientists”.

About time. As it happens, the whole scare over increasing carbon dioxide is due to a simple modeling error dating back over a century to when the greenhouse effect was not even understood. The error was carried forward into all subsequent climate models. The error was recently found and publicized on a major climate blog, and I am writing a book about it at the moment.

Good news! Fixing this error and applying modern data shows that less than 20% of the global warming since 1973 was due to increasing carbon dioxide. Official estimates overestimate the sensitivity to increasing carbon dioxide by a factor of five to ten.

Also, it turns out that the bulk of the recent global warming was due to the Sun. A newly-discovered relationship predicts that there will be global cooling starting in about 2017 to 2022, and that the 2020s will be cooler than the 1980s.