Andrew Bolt finds Pell innocent

Pell is innocent. See for yourself. Andrew Bolt, on the basis of long experience and much research, comes to the conclusion that Cardinal Pell, the third most senior Catholic in the world, is innocent of the charges of knowingly turning a blind eye while his colleagues raped children.

Cardinal George Pell is the most hated man in Australia, if the media is to be believed. …

But in the end, I had to follow the evidence and make a judgement of the man I came to know pretty well.

And it is this: George Pell is innocent. Pell was not part of a cover-up of pedophile priests. … And, yes, he is the victim of a witch hunt.

Just to take the selective enforcement tool to political correctness: If it was a Muslim cleric who was accused of not noticing that there might be pedophiles in his mosques, would he be hounded by the Australian media? Indeed, would we even hear about it?