Cruz spoils Trump’s Super Saturday

Cruz spoils Trump’s Super Saturday, by Kate Glueck. Ted Cruz denied Donald Trump the big wins he’s used to, siphoning support from Marco Rubio on Saturday to emerge as the Republican best-placed to face off against the GOP front-runner.

Cruz delivered two definitive upset victories in Kansas and Maine and held the Manhattan billionaire to narrow wins in Louisiana and Kentucky – shrinking the delegate gap between them and leaving his lower-polling rivals in the dust.

“Donald has a delegate lead right now, though it is fewer than 100 delegates,” Cruz said at a press conference Saturday. And in a dig at Rubio, he said: “We’ll continue to amass delegates but what needs to happen is the field needs to continue to narrow.”

Trump too called on Rubio to quit, saying he relished a fight with Cruz.

If Trump wins Florida, which is winner-take-all with 99 delegates at stake, Rubio might quit and it will become a 2-person race. Trump is leading in the polls, and Cruz is campaigning in Florida to increase the likelihood of a Trump victory there.

Result, and delegate count: Trump 378, Cruz 295, Rubio 123, Kasich 34