Angela Merkel: A Suicidal Bully

Angela Merkel: A Suicidal Bully, by Srjda Trifkovic.

For reasons that have never been rationally explained, Angela Merkel effectively wants to present the rest of Europe with two faits accomplis: that Germany will accept unlimited numbers of migrants, and that Germany will use her overwhelming influence in Brussels to force the rest of Europe to share the resulting cost and burden of improving “Germany’s reputation”—all in the name of maintaining “European unity.”

Her calls for a “joint European solution” are nothing but demands for the rest of Europe to be obedient, say Jawohl! and facilitate the creation of Sharia-based no-go areas in Krakow, Bratislava and Budapest. …

Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orban is the resister-in-chief. He described the EU’s response to it as “absurd,” and compared EU leaders to the captain of a ship on a collision course who is busy “designating the non-smoking lifeboats instead of trying to avoid the collision.” He further said that migrants did not want to integrate, and that it was not possible to replace the ageing European workforce with young Muslim masses because “parallel societies threaten the security and identity of Europe”.

Merkel’s motives for pursuing a demonstrably insane course remain mysterious…

Look at her face:

Merkel smiles for dominant immigrant

The “refugees” are mainly military age males:

hat-tip Stephen Neil