Trump and the Five Stages of Grief

Trump and the Five Stages of Grief, by Eric March. Interesting and funny article, because it shows how many in the elite don’t have a clue about why Trump is doing so well. All the opposition to him assumed if they just made fun of Trump with snide and mostly irrelevant remarks he would just give up, because he would realize he wasn’t, you know, fashionable enough or something.

They haven’t tackled Trump’s policies head on, because they don’t want to give air time to those ideas. So like so many issues today, a point of view is forbidden, not debated. The elite have the such disdain for normal people who support Trump that his supporters are used to being derided — thereby creating the conditions for Trump to arise. Karma and revenge.

Imagine if in Australia the Liberals had also been soft on boats in 2013 — maybe someone like Palmer or Hanson might have become  competitive. Or in France, if Sarkozy was soft on Muslim immigration, LePen would rise towards power… oh wait.

hat-tip Matthew